Moving right along! Already 25 weeks tomorrow! 🙂  This was a busy week.


Sunday we had church in the morning, came home for a couple hours and then went to another church so DH could sing there. It went really well and I enjoyed hearing him. I don’t always go with him anymore since it’s not always practical to take the kids at the events he plays at. *Side story: I used to be the bass player in his band years ago but I’ll be honest, I like my current gig of being a mom a whole lot better. 😉 It’s way more interesting!* After that, we went out to eat with his sister and her family. The kids were… crazy to say the least. 😉



I stayed home and cleaned on Monday. After weekend clean up is always a blast… Not. And I stained my TV cabinet (what was supposed to be) Antique Walnut. It was unfinished pine previously. I don’t love the color but DH does. Tonight I stained my bedroom dresser that was also unfinished. I stained it Espresso. I love it, DH does not. This is as close to winning as we are going to get. 😉 Haha!



On Tuesday, Tru woke up with bad belly pain and said he was “Bout to barf.” He spent a couple hours on a *bed* on my bathroom floor, sipping orange pedialyte/club soda. He seemed to feel a little better later on so I had a shower and moved him to the couch. Then I had him take off his overnight diaper and he sat down on the floor and asked me to go with him to throw it away. Before I could even get up, he said “Mommy!!” and ran over to the couch and I got my big fluffy bathrobe under his mouth just as he threw up. And just like last time, the belly pain vanished and he was perfectly normal and playing within 30 minutes. He said “I’m better now, Mommy!” and ate and acted just like his usual self. I over heard him taking to Levi later and he said “I threw up on Mommy’s cozy-cozy thing.” (Meaning my bathrobe)  I already had an appointment scheduled for him next week to see his pediatrician about the belly pain but I called them to try to move the appointment up sooner but didn’t get through to them. Tonight he is saying his belly hurts again, right in his belly button… Sigh. At least his appointment is the day after tomorrow. I had a hard time deciding if I should take him to the children’s urgent care when he had the pain on Tuesday but since it went away when he threw up, it seemed silly to go when he was back to normal. I hope his Dr can shed some light on what might be causing this and check him over thoroughly.



Anyway, since Tru was better the rest of the day Tuesday, I proceeded with my plans to do the glucose tolerance test. I passed (125)! And my CBC came back good. Buuut, they didn’t draw everything the dr ordered, so, I had to go back on Thursday. It wouldn’t have been a big deal except the lab my Dr uses is a half hour away and they won’t let you bring your kids back with you like the lab I usually go to. Which I understand why but still, that meant I had to get my sister to watch them both days so it was a bit inconvenient to have to go back in. But oh well.



Wednesday, I took the boys to storytime and then we went grocery shopping and ran errands until it was time for my Chiropractor appointment. He said my right side of my pelvis was off by nearly an inch. Hopefully it’s all back in proper placement now so baby won’t have trouble trying to turn head down if he isn’t already.



Thursday, after my trip back to the lab, I stupidly shampooed my family room carpet. It’s nice to have it clean and fresh and I’m happy to have it done, but 2 hours of pushing that cleaner left my back super irritated the next day. I feel fine now though. 🙂 I’m super particular about my carpet being clean, so I shampoo it every couple months and I love the way it feels so soft and fresh. Also, I think I’m nesting. I bought more baby outfits this week and attempted to go through the 2 totes of baby clothes I have from the boys. I made it through one tote but got too overwhelmed with it (I really honestly don’t know why it overwhelms me) so I’m saving the other one for later.


On Friday, I attempted to find my house under the enormous stacks of laundry that have piled up from my dinosaur dryer not working right. I failed. But at least we do have a few more clean clothes. 😉 I also cleaned out Levi’s bedroom closet and had DH move the changing table to our room. Levi *helped* him move it and was perfectly fine about the change… until bedtime. Then he proceeded to cry for quite some time because “I want my dresser in my room! You got to bring it back!” This morning when he came in my room, he reminded me that he wants his *dresser* back. I asked if I can keep in it my room and he said yes. That was the end of it apparently because he didn’t cry about it at all tonight. 🙂 I guess he’s like me and just doesn’t like change.



I also discovered (huge parenting fail confession time) the infant carseat that I used with both of the boys, is expired by almost 7 years. That means that it was already expired by almost 3 years when I very first used it! :O It was new in the box when my SIL bought it and we didn’t even think to check the expiration dates because it was still in all the original packaging! Obviously, I’ll be throwing that away and I already found a new one that will work with our stroller and probably also with our base that I bought for Levi, which doesn’t expire for several more years. I do wish there was a recycling option in our area for carseats. I know they can’t be reused but all that plastic! Surely it could be recycled into something else…



Today I went shopping for a dress for our maternity photos. I found one that I think will work alright. It was also half off so, yay!! Then I went out to lunch with my sister and the boys. We had Mexican food and it was SO GOOD!!! I want to eat there every single day….. WHY CAN’T I!!?? Then we got freezes and went to see the progress that DH and my in-laws were making on the house they are fixing up.


I’ll try to keep this part brief.


How far along? 24 weeks 6 days (7-5-17)


Symptoms? A lot of lightheaded/breathlessness. Mild queasiness which is probably because I haven’t been as faithful at taking my B-complex since I started on the multi. I think I need both. Some minor BH but that’s to be expected. Also some slight swelling/puffiness.


Weight? I was +23 earlier this week. Not sure currently.



Exercise? I got in 2 days on the elliptical. I counted the carpet cleaning as exercise for the third day. 😉



Sleep? Better after I went to the chiro. I needed that for my neck especially. I got my boppy pillow out of storage and after I wash it, I plan to use it for belly support at night. I seem to remember that being comfortable with Levi.



Bump? I want to think that maybe baby did turn head down this week. His kicks seem higher and his hiccups are way low. But I can’t really be sure. Yesterday he was a wild baby all day/night with the kicks. I think he wore himself out because today has been much more calm. DH was able to feel him kicking last night and this morning and declared that this one might be our “wild child”. 😉 All I know is, I love feeling his movements. I can’t get enough of this bonding time with him.



My belly feels so much heavier this week! I have been wearing my belly support band which is just a stretchy tube of fabric and not nearly as supportive as the name led me to believe. But it does help. I’ve looked online at other support belts but they all look like they will cut into my lower belly/legs when I sit down. Any suggestions? I’d love to hear what worked for you. My belly is definitely not as perky as it was the first time around. 😉


Ok, I didn’t take a picture and I don’t know if I will get a chance to so I’ll post this now.


Dear God, thank You for good test results this week and for the things that You helped me get done. Please continue to watch over and protect Zane and help him keeping growing strong and healthy. Please help Tru to get better from this belly pain that he has been experiencing and I pray that his Dr will be wise and accurate with examining and treating him. In Jesus’ name, amen.