How far along? 22 weeks 6 days (7-22-17)


Symptoms? Very little this week. I dropped my Unisom from 1 pill at night to 1/2 pill. I had only very minimal queasiness which may have had nothing to do with halving the dose. I’ve had some grinding and discomfort in the front of my pelvis but usually only if I don’t keep a pillow between my legs while lying on my side. And I still get restless legs but stretches do help. I had a horrible backache yesterday. I couldn’t decide if I had overdone it the day before since I had shampooed my bedroom carpet. But it finally occurred to me to do a urine dip test (I keep them on hand because I have such frequent UTIs)  and it showed that I had a lot of leukocytes so the back pain may have been the start of a UTI. Either way, I’m always on Macrodantin every day and my back feels a lot better today so hopefully any possible UTI will go away with no further pain.


Weight? +20lbs. I had a talk about it with my Dr this week at my check up. She did mention my jump in weight recently but was very nice about it and didn’t lecture me. We talked about watching my portions and sweets, but really, she felt I should stop weighing myself at home and stressing about it. I didn’t ditch the scale just yet but I do feel better now.


Cravings/aversions? Perhaps a bad category to put right after “weight”, haha. But anyway, we went out for our anniversary today (9 years!!) and I got to satisfy my craving for Mexican food again. It was delicious. 🙂 But I still can’t talk about Taco Bell. Sorry!


Exercise? I used the elliptical twice this week. Less than I was planning but I had to skip yesterday because of the back pain. I hate to use the excuse that I was “too busy” the other days, but I was pretty busy. I hope to hit my goal this coming week of 3-4 days. Honestly, it feels great to get in some light exercise!


Baby Buys? I ordered a couple thermal receiving blankets today online. I stocked up on some more diapers and wipes. I have a few more things I’d like to buy new but there seriously isn’t much that we actually need. I do want to go through the baby clothes soon and see what needs extensive cleaning or is too worn out. I saved practically everything whether it was worth saving or not.


Bump? Zane has really ramped up the intensity of the kicks this week. FINALLY! I still have periods where I don’t feel him for awhile and I get a little freaked out and go to poking at my belly. 😉 At our anatomy (re)scan this week, he was facing outwards, breech, sitting on his legs. Like a baby kangaroo. At one point he stretched his legs out straight and stood up in there. I saw his little feet and legs and it was just soooooo cute! He also sucked on his fingers the entire time. Which he also did at our ultrasounds at 15 weeks and 18 weeks. I think we may have a thumb sucker!


In other news concerning our appointment, the ultrasound was very thorough and made me feel so much better. I can now ascertain that Zane does indeed have a right arm! (We had never seen his right arm on ultrasound) He was in the neighborhood of 1lb 3oz in the 49th percentile. The tech spent lots of time looking over his entire body and measuring everything. Most measurements came out within a couple days +/- of how far along he is, so that was great. She measured the amniotic fluid and checked his lips and palate. She even checked on both of my ovaries! Which is exactly the kind of anatomy ultrasound I am used to and what actually makes sense. *sigh of relief* There was a student tech in the room and she spent a few minutes learning to measure areas in the brain, which was interesting to watch.



When I got to my Dr appointment, I thanked her so much for understanding my concerns and arranging for us to have a second look. She was so nice and said she was just happy that I felt comfortable asking her. 🙂 We talked about plans for growth scans and NSTs. She wants me to have a growth ultrasound at my next checkup at 26 weeks. I asked her if I should skip the one she ordered for 28 weeks in that case and she said we will wait and see. And she said we will decide later whether to do the NSTs weekly or twice a week. Originally she was leaning toward twice a week but she said we can decide later. I asked her for a plan for testing to be put in my chart to avoid confusion when I see the other Drs, so she took care of that also.



Next up is all the blood work the Dr ordered 2 months ago and I failed to do. She just laughed and said that’s how you know you are on your 3rd kid. 😉 She decided to have me do my glucose test at 24 weeks so I can do the other blood work at the same time and avoid multiple pokes. The orange flavored drink they sent me home with is clear this time instead of colored orange. And no fasting draw, just wait 2 hours after a meal, drink the stuff and get to the lab for a blood test an hour later. I’ve never done it this way, but hey, less pokes!


Dear God, thank You for a good appointment and for the Dr being so kind and understanding. Please help everything to keep going well and for this precious little baby to keep growing well and healthy. In Jesus name, amen.


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