It’s been a long time since I’ve written an update on Tru, so this is going to be a long one! He is over 3.5 years old now and becoming such a fun little person to hang out with. I mean, he’s always been fun to hang out with, but now we have conversations and hash out ideas and plans together. It’s a super fun age! I think I’ve said that about every age so far, but I keep getting surprised for some reason at how much fun each age and stage is. 🙂


His super favorite spiderman sunglasses. 🙂


Truett has always had a fun personality and said things that cracked me up ever since he started talking. Now though, it’s becoming funnier than ever to hear what he thinks up. For example, when we went to watch fireworks for the 4th of July, Tru saw lots of people walking around with glow bracelets. So, naturally, he wanted one. Really bad! He kept asking me for one but I didn’t have any access to getting him one since they had been passed out earlier by a group and they weren’t for sale anywhere at the event. Of course, this led to tears on his part, followed by a sad drive home when he declared “My heart is BREAKING!” DH, myself and my sister all burst out laughing because it was rather hilarious, but I also felt bad for the little guy as he worked to sniff back a sob. When you are 3….





I babysat my cousin’s 2 sons a few times over the last few weeks and her 5 year old has a really strong accent. Apparently Tru just thought that was the greatest because I heard him trying really hard to emulate that accent himself. I asked him “Are you trying to talk like C?” and he smiled a goofy little grin when he said yes, he was. He’s also been wearing a ball cap around the house sometimes and I finally realized, I think he is trying to be like his Pap pap since he is the only person I know who wears a ball cap all the time. Kids really do try to mimic everything and everyone they see, which makes me strive to be so careful about what I say around them. (I have a huge rant I could insert here but I think I’ll spare you… for now.)





Recently, Tru and Levi decided to put on church for us at home. Since Daddy is a worship leader, they got out their toy guitar (Levi) and toy drums (Tru) and put on ties (which is funny since DH never wears a tie) and played a “song” for us. Then Tru went and got his children’s Bible and preached for us. I managed to get it on video and it was so adorable! My favorite part was how Tru held the Bible out so we could see the pictures. When he would turn the page, he would say “Now…” and go on with the next story. At one point he said “God made you.” and looking up at DH, with all the conviction that a 3 year old could feel, he pointed to DH and nodded while saying again “He made you!!” Such an adorable moment!





Tru is having quite a growth spurt this summer. All the clothes that fit him great, even as recently as a month ago, are now too short. Shirts that he wore at the beginning of summer just look funny now. He’s wearing 4T shorts and pants with a few 3T still in the mix. Shirts are almost all 4T but he can fit some size 5.




Oh, how this boy has enjoyed catching toads this summer. I can usually get him to leave the toad outside while he promises it that he will be back later. 😉


His diet has been pretty good except for not wanting to finish dinner frequently. I think he just gets too antsy and wants to do other things. He usually wants a snack before bedtime and his snacks are more like a whole meal at this point. Both Tru and Levi snack a lot throughout the day. I have a drawer in the fridge dedicated to their snacks (fruit and veggie pouches, applesauce bowls, fruit cups, yogurt, yogurt smoothies, cheese) and a shelf in the cabinet that they can reach (raisins, crackers, and other random items that they go through phases with). They love being able to go get themselves a snack anytime they want. And of course, there is the ever popular peanut butter “shirmps” (sandwich) and occasionally some other kind of “swamwich”. Both words coined by Truett. 😉 He will eat kiwis any time they are available and will try basically any fruit or vegetable. He loves “trees” (broccoli) and likes to pick out the produce with me. He always always asks for corn on the cob and gobbles it up like it’s the best thing ever. Occasionally we find a food he isn’t crazy about (mangos were not a hit) but pretty much any time he asks to buy a new fruit or veggie, I let him pick it out. Letting him make healthy choices now gives me hope that maybe he will always try to eat well. Although he insists that fast-food cheeseburgers are “healthy for my body” because “they have cheese on them!” I totally believe in enjoying life so we do get the burgers and the pizza (another favorite) on occasion. But I’ve also started having the boys make their own personal pan pizza at home with all the toppings (green peppers, mushrooms, onions, cheese, pepperoni etc) so they can get involved with cooking and learning about ingredients. Tru loves helping to make food and I really want to get better about letting him “help” with dinner prep.




I do have a couple concerns with my biggest boy. He still gets fevers for no apparent reason, although less frequently than last year. I keep a fever diary still and he’s had them as often as 2 weeks apart to more like 6 weeks apart this year. Still no rhyme or reason to them. Thankfully they have been lasting only a couple days lately, whereas last year and even early this year, he would get them for 5+ days at a time. His most recent fever was last week. It started in the afternoon and some Tylenol helped cool him off a bit. Then that night I checked on him around 11pm and he felt cool. An hour later he woke up crying and burning up. Some Ibuprofen cooled him down and he woke up with no fever the next morning. So I took the boys to story time and we went from there to the grocery store. When I got Tru out of the car at the store, he was burning up again. I made my stop as fast as I could and got him home and comfortable again. The only pain he complained of was his knee. He oftentimes says his knee hurts when he has a fever. A fact which I’ve mentioned to his dr but they didn’t have any reason to think it was serious. And so it goes….. unpredictable and annoying. Especially for Tru!




The other issue is his belly pain. It seems to occur around the same time as his fevers but can happen by itself. For the last year or so, he will eat something and immediately complain of his belly hurting. Not even 5 minutes later and sometimes while he is still eating. It can be any type of food. Last night I picked him up a burger for supper on the way home from VBS. He ate it and right away started to cry that his “body hurts!” When I ask him where, he pointed to his belly button, like always. Now, I don’t know what to make of that because he had an umbilical hernia when he was a baby and it was pretty large but never caused him any problems. His Dr said it should close on it’s own and it mostly has. I think it may be there still, but only in the very slightest bit. I can barely feel it. Anyway, halfway home he was crying and I pulled over and got him out of the van. I asked him to try walking a bit and he did. He calmed down a little so we got back in and drove home. When we got home he was crying again and in quite a bit of pain so I got him out of the seat as fast as I could and carried him inside. He just balled himself up on the couch and stopped crying. Then he started dry heaving. I was already worried but by this point, I didn’t know what to think. Just a stomach virus? Or something more serious? Should I take him to the Dr or does he need to stay home and rest? Not 15 minutes later, he was perfectly back to normal! Doing some kind of toddler yoga/handstands and laughing like he had never felt sick. I don’t know what to make of it but I am definitely going to talk to his Dr. He is about due for a check up anyway and I want to make sure he isn’t having some stomach/intestinal issue or anything from the hernia. The belly pain is usually over quickly but seems to be more intense now. He never used to cry from it.




Anyway… It seems I have a talented little artist in the making. He will sit next to me with his notebook and crayon and draw “Bob” after Bob. Which is the name he gives to the little potato shaped people he draws. Sometimes he draws his family members. Once he drew me with a baby in my belly. Cutest picture ever! He loves to draw deer with and without antlers and other animals too. He traces his hands all time. He’s known all his colors for at least a year now and loves to point out the color of objects. We haven’t worked on his preschool books this summer but he will do schoolwork for hours! Usually he will do schoolwork until I finally can’t take it anymore (sitting there helping him) and tell him we are done for awhile. That is often followed by tears on his part. I hope he will love learning so much as he gets older!! It is really cute watching him work on numbers and letters and matching things. Watching his little wheels turning. 🙂


I love how he takes care of his little animals.


Little adventure loving boy 🙂


I’ve found it almost a necessity lately for me to have Tru lay down for a nap when Levi takes his nap. Some days Tru just sits in his bed and plays with his stuffed animals, happy as a clam. Other days he falls asleep for a short bit. Sometimes I lay down in my room with him and he snuggles up to me and falls asleep. At any rate, he is a happier kid in the evenings when he has a chance to rest during the day. For a long time I just let him stay up and play or watch a few shows. That worked at that point but as much as he is growing and super active all day, this seems to be what he needs for now.



I love the sweetness of him holding his cousin’s hand while they walked around the place we visited in Tenn.


The boys love playing with their bikes and riding on the sidewalk. It’s been so hot the last couple weeks that we brought their bikes inside. They love driving around the kitchen island. They generally play well together but definitely have their moments. I have found that when Tru is misbehaving, sending him to his room for 2-5 minutes works better than any other method of correction. He almost always comes out happy and ready to play nicely. It seems like such a simple solution but it really helps! I have been working with both boys also on cleaning up their toys. We have days where I barely have to ask and they get right to it. Other days I ask and remind and ask and remind sometimes for a whole hour before they get everything picked up. And it’s seriously so easy to pick up because they just have to put the toys in bins and a few on the shelves. But they can be easily distracted by the items they are picking up. They get it done eventually though and they are always really proud of their work. 🙂 I love them so much! Tru is such a loving kid and he tells me all the time that he loves me. I feel so happy and blessed by the bond and the relationship that we have. I really hope that I will always be close to my kids as they grow up and that they will be close to each other.


Ok, this is really really long…. I have so much I could say but I’ll leave this here for now.




Dear God, What a beautiful and fun little person Truett has grown into. He is such a delight to be around and I am so thankful for the gift that You blessed me with by putting Tru in my life. I love him so much and I pray that I will never fail him as a mother. That I will always teach him right from wrong and that I will teach him to love and serve You and that You love him very very much. Please watch over and bless him as he continues to grow and learn. In Jesus’ name, amen.