​How far along? 21 weeks 6 days (7-15-17) HOW is this possible already? We are over halfway there and I just can’t believe how fast this is going.
Symptoms? I forgot to mention it last week… I said how I get tired and really achy in the round ligaments. I forgot to add that usually a couple days later, I get lots of popping and cracking in my pelvis. Like right in the middle, front. It’s an audible popping and grinding, especially when I first get out of bed. I think it’s baby having a growth spurt when that happens because I’ve had that happen a few times over the last month or so. It goes away after a day or two. I’ve had a few moments here and there of being a little queasy this week but couldn’t decide if it was truly pregnancy related.  And I do get some swelling in my lower legs/feet from time to time but hey, it’s summer and it’s hot so….
Weight? +20 shocking and scary pounds. **Optional boring paragraph about my weight – feel free to skip** I’m thinking maybe I need to skip weighing myself for a few weeks. I didn’t have a scale when I was pregnant with Tru so I didn’t have the weekly horror of seeing a gain of 2-3 pounds. I gained roughly 39-42 pounds that pregnancy, which was absolutely fine. In the first place, I started at 117 and was really really skinny for my height (barely within normal BMI). I needed that weight. It was all cool. I ended up leveling out at 13 pounds leftover from pregnancy. With Levi, I had a scale for the second half of pregnancy and I stressed beyond measure about trying to keep my weight down (bear in mind, I’d recently been a twig, so any weight gain felt monumental). All the stress about it didn’t do a thing but waste my time and I gained 35 pounds. Which was still absolutely fine and dandy. (By this point of pregnancy with Levi I’d gained 10 pounds and was freaking out. HA! Hahahaha!) Bottom line, whether I stress or not, I gain as much as I gain and there is nothing I can do about it. I only worry because I struggled to get my weight to stop climbing after I had Levi. I lost all of my pregnancy weight from him and then some… and then proceeded to gain back 14+ pounds. So I worry that my days of having a fast motabilism are behind me and the thought of dieting to try and lose this weight after pregnancy is just… I don’t wanna. I know I would suck at dieting. SO! I guess I just have to accept that I will gain what I gain and it’s not worth stressing about. Which will be easier if I am not looking at a scale…. I think. We’ll see how it goes. Really, I just want to be and feel healthy. And I do feel fine so it’s more of a numbers thing with me than what I actually SEE or FEEL.**

Bump? I am feeling less movement now than I had in the last few weeks. I am a little concerned about it but just trying to trust that baby is in a position that makes me feel him less. I DID feel hiccups this week! The first time it happened, I wasn’t sure that’s what it was because I was too busy to sit still and really focus. But the second time was today. We were at a demolition derby and I was holding Tru in my lap. With the way he was sitting against my belly, I really noticed the hiccups in there when they started. I remember feeling all this stuff so much earlier and more pronounced with Truett so I’m suprised I haven’t felt more with Zane. Overall, I am loving this 5.5 month bump. I think it looks cute and it’s not uncomfortable yet so it’s a fun stage. 🙂 

Cravings? I thought about a coke freeze the other day for like 2 hours. And then when I finally decided I’d get one, the machine was in the process of making it so I had to just go without. (Poor me!) But today, I tried again and, sweet success!!! I was so happy. 🙂 The very mention of Taco Bell still makes me almost throw up. But I do want Mexican food in general. Just not TB. Very strange….

Exercise? I think I’ll add this catagory to keep myself motivated. I’ve been trying to use the elliptical more lately in an attempt to keep my legs etc strong for labor. I only used it once this week though. One day I was going to but I babysat my cousin’s 1 and 5 yr old boys from 7am-4:30pm and I was having alot of Braxton Hicks contractions by the time they left so I decided not to push myself. And today we walked and walked at a fair so I was happy with my activity level for today. But my goal is to use the elliptical at least 4 days a week. I do stretches pretty much every day because it helps my back/hips/legs SO MUCH that I can’t stand not to do stretches. I love using my balance ball and doing stretches on it too. I consider having a balance ball practically a necessity for pregnancy comfort because it comes in so handy and helps so much! 

Medicines/supplements? I haven’t updated this in a long time. I am currently taking 50mg Macrodantin for UTI suppression (should do an info post sometime about having intercystial cystitis in pregnancy – I’ll say this, pregnancy always helps me), Lovenox 40mg, 81mg aspirin, 25mg doxylamine succinate (store brand Unisom – for nausea), Homocystex Plus (b complex vitamins – also helps the nausea), and most days I take a half dose or so of Natural Calm which is a magnesium supplement with some calcium – so many reasons why this is good for me to stay on during pregnancy (and was recommended that I take extra magnesium by my OB’s nurse during my last pregnancy). It helps with the pregnancy muscle aches, heart flutters etc. I bought a multivitamin with a little bit of iron in it and I started taking that this week because I think I was cutting corners pretty bad on not taking a well rounded prenatal. 

This is getting pretty wordy so I guess I’ll leave off now. No official picture this week because we didn’t get around to it. 

Dear God, thank You for another week of feeling well. Please help things to continue progressing smoothly with this pregnancy. Please watch over Zane and keep him healthy and safe. I pray that our ultrasound and check up will both go well. In Jesus’ name, amen.