It’s been awhile… I think bullet points will make the most sense. In no particular order, these are some things that happened in the last few months.

  • We lost our dog at the end of May. We had him for almost 8 years. His birthday was coming up in July, I think (we didn’t know his exact birthday). He has been our baby for so many years and we are all still missing him a lot. We don’t know exactly what happened and I choose to believe he is still alive somewhere, living happily. You see, for the last few weeks he had been having this daily routine of taking off after a rabbit every evening. I had been doing my best to stop him from running off, but he is a beagle and that is what beagles do. I usually locked him up on the porch once evening came around but that evening my sister L and brother S were at our house and they were outside playing with the kids and stuff. S said he saw River take off after that rabbit and he just never came back. I am fairly certain that he did not get hit by a car as we drove around looking for him. He has run off many many times in his life and always come back, but it’s possible someone saw him and thought he was a stray and picked him up. That is my hope because I don’t want to think anything worse. River was always able to get out of stuff. He was like Houdini with his collar and Tru found River’s collar in the yard. So he would have looked like a possible stray if anyone had found him. I called around to the area dog shelters and pounds and I joined groups on Facebook that report lost pets in our area. We miss him so much. The boys talk about him all the time and want him to come home. 😦 It makes me so sad. I know that we will probably get another dog someday but I am not ready yet. I think it will be awhile before I am.
  • But, we did get a kitten! I have been looking for a good mouse hunting cat for quite awhile and just haven’t found any that I really wanted. Well, my family was in New York last week visiting my Dad’s family. My Aunt posted on Facebook that she had a kitten for someone to adopt. Now, I know that this kitten may or may not grow up to be a great mouser, but I am willing to take the chance. So I asked my Aunt to send her home with my family. I am pretty certain the kitten is a female because it is mostly black but has some calico-type markings. My sister brought the kitten over yesterday and the boys are in love. Truett keeps saying “I love our cat so much!” and both boys keep begging to hold her. So far she is staying in the bathroom until she is a bit bigger but I do plan for her to be an outdoor car eventually. She has done great with the litter box though so that is a plus. I also gave her worm medicine yesterday and plan to get her spayed in a few months. I hope she will be healthy and happy and live many years! The boys had fun shopping for kitten supplies yesterday and picked her out a blue collar with a bell on it. I gave her some toys to play with that we had laying around and so far her favorite thing to play with is a bow like you put on a present. 🙂
  • Our garden is doing great this year except for one cucumber plant that got way too much shade. All our tomato plants are huge and have dozens of tomatoes coming on. We have a few green peppers that are almost ready. I am still using up the ones from last year that are in the freezer! We have had squash out of our garden too. We had some zucchini but it got too big while we were away and I ended up feeding it to the pig since my sister had already brought over 5 loaves of zucchini bread! I might make a few loaves to freeze though with the one huge zucchini I saved since the boys absolutely loved the bread. We had great success with the blackberries I planted last year. I picked quite a few tonight. We had some blueberries too but that plant is much smaller. The boys have loved having berries to pick! It’s so fun for them. We have some strawberries coming on in the strawberry bed I planted this year. I used a massive tire to plant them in and they are thriving and multiplying so well that I have to get more tires and transplant some!
  • There are so many little projects that need done around here and so many things that I want to do in the next few months but I don’t even know where to start and I certainly don’t have the time! I need to stain the furniture that we bought the day before I found out I was pregnant with Zane. It is natural pine wood and it isn’t going to last long in this house without some protective stain and polyurethane or something. I could actually really use suggestions on what to use. I have very very limited experience with doing furniture and I’m so afraid I’ll ruin it.
  • On top of that, this house needs to be flip flopped around to make sense with incorporating another little person. Tru wants to share his room with Zane, but his room is really too small. It would probably make more sense to switch his room with Levi’s and put Tru and Zane in the bigger room… or I don’t know… I guess that will just have to work itself out as the time comes. And Levi’s room is the only room in our house that I haven’t painted yet. Which isn’t bad exactly since it just has plain white wallpaper, but it could really use a facelift.
  • I’m trying to think of all the fun stuff we’ve done in the past few months…. I’m just drawing a blank mostly… We had the company picnic for DH’s work last month at an amusement park. The boys went on a bunch of rides and made paintings for their bedrooms and got a bag of toys they picked out for themselves. So that was fun. Tru remembered from last year that there were boat rides at this place! He was 2.5 last year! How does he remember all this stuff?! Blows my mind.

I guess I’ll call it a night now since this is getting pretty long anyway. Hopefully I’ll do better with the updates and not get so far behind that I can’t remember things. This blog is more for myself to look back on than anything else (although I do dearly appreciate my readers) so I owe it to myself to stay on top of things. 🙂