How far along? 20 weeks 6 days (7-8-17)


  • I had a few days of being really exhausted and having bad round ligament pain. I think baby was having a growth spurt. My belly definitely popped more. Everyone at church who didn’t know I was pregnant yet has been commenting now “Are you pregnant!?!”
  • The sleepiness seems to come out of nowhere and I just fall asleep randomly and wake up an hour or more later, confused by how much time has passed. It kind of freaks me out! I’ve been taking advantage of time when DH is home to “catch up” on sleep.
  • I’m also really struggling to control my appetite now as I’m hungry all the time. I think all of this can be attributed to the rapid growth stage that baby is going through.
  • In the mornings I have to drink a glass of water shortly after waking up or I will black out and get nauseated. After that, I’m usually fine for the day as long as I stay hydrated.

Weight? 16-18 pounds depending on the day and level of puffiness. I’ll be honest, I’m panicking a bit about how much I’ve gained. But what can I do about it? Not much at this point.

Cravings/aversions? I almost gagged when DH suggested Taco Bell for lunch. It’s been hit and miss this pregnancy whether I can stomach it or not. Which is weird because I loved TB when I was pregnant with Tru and Levi. I’ve been doing great avoiding caffeine but I let myself get a coke freeze today and it was lovely!!!! 🙂

Bump? Some days there is lots of action in there and my belly will be moving and bumping around. Other days there is less/softer activity but I am starting to see a pattern with kicks in the morning and before I go to bed. If I pay attention during the day, I’ll feel sporadic little pops and wiggles. I love it!! Positively the best part of pregnancy! 🙂 Levi still asks to feel baby all the time and pulls up my shirt to lay his head or his hand on my belly. If Zane doesn’t kick him, Levi always says “Probly sleeping?”. It’s the cutest! Tru hasn’t been too interested in feeling kicks yet but he likes to talk about Zane.

We went to our town’s festival this week for Independence Day. There was a Christian music concert that evening but I left early with the boys while DH stayed since it was going till late at night. We had fun walking around and trying out some of the food there. Pork Loin burger and blooming onion. Yum!! That onion was huge! We split it between 4 adults and Truett and Levi and it was plenty big enough for us all. We also went to a fireworks show last weekend. We didn’t have a great spot to watch from but the boys were still loving it. Tru and my niece jumped up and down yelling and announcing the color of the fireworks with almost every burst. 🙂

I am scheduled for a follow up anatomy scan at 22 weeks 2 days. I made the appointment at the hospital ultrasound center vs doing it again at the Dr office. I feel much better about this plan and I’m very reassured to know that we will be looking baby over (hopefully) thoroughly.

Dear God, thank You for the sweet moments of bonding I’ve had with Zane and Levi lately. Thank You for the love that Truett and Levi have for their baby brother. Please keep their bond strong as they grow through life. Thank You so much for these precious little men. Please watch over and protect them in Jesus’ name, amen.

Sweet snuggling time ❤

IMG_7613 (2)

Please pardon our after midnight effort at a picture. And me with a lightly sunburnt face. 😀