Ok, I am well overdo for a Levi update (he’s 27 months now, by the way), but potty training is kind of it’s own post anyway. As an aside, I realize those who are in the pits of potty training currently may hate me after this. My past self hates me and my future self may hate me too. I’m sorry/not sorry. Know what I mean?


Basically, Levi decided a few weeks ago that he was not having any more of wearing diapers. We put them on him and he took them off. He cried if we tried to diaper him and he asked to pee on the potty chair. He had been trying to potty train himself for several weeks and I was half-way holding him back because I was too sick to deal with it. But this time, it was good timing because my morning sickness had just eased up and I was able to deal with running him to the toilet constantly. I wasn’t setting a timer or anything, he just told me he had to go and he went (standing, like Truett – it’s so much easier IMO). We mostly just had him go commando, wearing his shorts or pants with no underwear. Sometimes he would wear undies but not always. No pull-ups. With Tru, it seemed he couldn’t tell the difference between a diaper and a pull-up and he would take advantage of wearing them to just pee in them. So I stopped letting Tru wear them and the accidents quickly stopped. So with Levi, I just decided to skip them.


For the first week, we had a few pee accidents a day. Usually 1-5. Then the next week, it was less. Maybe 1 a day, if that. Honestly, I don’t remember the date he decided he was done with diapers but I think it’s been about 4 weeks now and he might have a tiny accident every few days. Usually a dribble if he gets too busy and puts off going. He had a few poop accidents the first week or two but thankfully, I *think* those days are mostly behind us. Unlike with potty training Tru, I’ve cleaned pee off the carpet zero times with Levi. Most of his accidents have been smaller. I have to thank Truett for being good at reminding Levi to pee those first couple weeks because I think that helped Levi to have less/smaller accidents.


We went on our vacation and forgot to put a diaper on him for the car trip. He (remarkably) stayed dry and told us when he had to go. We did have several accidents on the trip because of running around places and him getting distracted playing. But still maybe only 5 or 6 accidents in 4 days. One of those times he peed his carseat and that was no fun to clean up. That also happened a few days ago on a 1 hour car ride after Daddy got him a pop on their little father/son outing. I was really worried about vacation throwing off his progress but, thankfully, it was mostly fine.  The funniest thing happened on vacation when we went wadding in the stream. I looked over to see Levi peeing in the water. I told him “Good job going pee in the water!” and he said “Yeah… I’m potty trained.” 🙂


Currently, he takes himself to the bathroom. Until a few days ago, he needed help to get on the toilet for poop. But he has since mastered climbing up there (I haven’t seen him climb up yet so I’m not exactly sure how he gets up there.) I go in when he is done to help him wipe. He tries to wipe himself but he’s definitely not ready for that  job yet! 😉


I cannot possibly stress how scared I have been to write this post though because I keep thinking it’s just too good to be true and he’s going to regress back to being completely untrained and having accidents all the time. But hopefully, a month(ish)into this, I can try to believe this is real. I really think that the main reason Levi trained so easily is because he has to do EVERYTHING that Tru does. He was so motivated by his desire to be just like Tru and that has been awesome in this case! Tru was so much harder to potty train (also at 27-28 months, now that I think about it…) but I remember this happening with my brothers. The first boy was hard and the next one (about 2 years younger) did pretty much like Levi and was no trouble at all to get out of diapers.


One sad fact, Levi’s butt rash has not cleared up yet. He does wear a diaper to bed and for naps and I have no intention of being done with that any time soon! (Tru is still wearing a diaper to bed and I have 0 problem with that. Tru just recently stopped wearing a diaper for naps.) But anyway, everyone said the rash would clear up when he was done with diapers. He isn’t wet for a long enough period of the night to justify the rash he has. So, unfortunately, I just don’t know what to do about that. It’s not raw at this point. Or bleeding (which it used to do) and he doesn’t seem bothered by it. But it’s definitely there and kind of looks like plaques of thickened skin that is flaky. He has had similar rash on his face off and on for about a year and his Dr thinks the 2 rashes are related and that it is some type of eczema. But, Oh well. If he’s not bothered by it anymore, I guess it’s ok.


So yeah. That’s our big, self potty training story. I wish I had nuggets of wisdom and help to share here but I don’t. I’m as surprised as can be and still just hoping that this is real and that he doesn’t regress. I am also beyond thankful to have him out of diapers before Zane is born! I am so happy. 🙂 I told Levi tonight that we should get him some kind of present for being potty trained. He agreed! 😉