How far along? 18 weeks 4 days (6-22-17)


Weight? +13-14 pounds. YIKES!


Symptoms? Mostly just the breathless/lightheaded thing. Nips are still oh-so-sore. And restless legs. But that’s about it.


Cravings? Nothing at the moment. I stopped letting myself have occasional caffeine in case that was contributing to the baby’s skipping heartbeat. I’ve kind of had a hankering for a coke freeze but nothing too serious.


Best Moment? Levi keeps asking to look at pictures of the baby. When I showed him the ultrasound pictures, he kissed the profile one. 🙂 And he keeps pulling up my shirt to kiss my belly “I kiss baby.” And then he puts his hand on my belly to feel him kick. So far, Zane hasn’t kicked the boys. I’m really looking forward to that. The boys are also starting to use his name. Particularly Levi. Tru is still in denial and tells me that the baby is a girl. 😉


Bump? Haha! Some days I cant get over how big it is. Other days, I feel like it looks ok for this stage. Either way, there’s no denying I’m pregnant now and I have had random people cautiously comment on the pregnancy a few times now. I still have days with very little movement from the baby. On my ultrasound, he was laying transverse, facing my back. Which would explain why I don’t feel much. Then he rolled over and was facing out and proceeded to kick my bladder impressively hard for several minutes. 😉


Gender? He flashed us his goods, both side view and from the bottom side. Still boy!! I think his profile looks a lot like Truett but maybe with Levi’s lips. Hard to tell on an ultrasound of course, but comparing all their profile picks from around this stage, Tru and Levi looked way different from eachother but Tru’s looks similar to Zane’s.


Dear God, thank You for this beautiful little boy! I love him so much. Thank You for this miracle. Please watch over and protect little Zane while he continues to grow. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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How far along? 19 weeks 6 days (7-1-17)

Symptoms? Not too much really. A bit of acid reflux. Some occasional round ligament pain. Breathlessness sometimes. We were on vacation last weekend into early this week (a post for later) and we stayed in a 3 story cabin. I did LOTS of walking up and down the stairs! It really seemed to help the restless legs problem. I can walk all day on flat ground and the RLS persist. The stairs seemed to do the trick, temporarily….hmmm.

Weight? +15 pounds.
Cravings/aversions? I seem to be over the salad thing now. They still sound alright but I don’t have to have one every day. I’ve been picking up supper from the produce stand. Depending on the available produce, we have all kinds of veggie combinations. It seems that veggies in general just sound good now. Especially cooked veggies. I think I’ve also been craving more sweets than usual, which I’m trying to watch, but not always successful. 😉

Bump? I feel like it looks really big for 5 months. I don’t really feel too big though. I feel pretty normal most of the time and could almost forget I’m pregnant. I am feeling kicks up higher now. All the way up to just past my belly button. Most of the movement is lower though. Some days I’ll feel (and even see!) a lot of movement and then other days I really have to pay attention and I don’t feel as much. I don’t really remember it being such a noticeable difference between days with Tru and Levi but maybe it was.

I haven’t heard back from the Dr concerning the email I sent. I’ve been a bit nervous about it but I still feel like I had to say something so I can get some reassurance. I’ve only listened to the baby once this this whole week because his skipping heartbeat freaks me out too much. It didn’t seem to be skipping as much when I listened to him this wed. I asked my church to pray for him because I felt so uneasy about it. I have never went more than 1 day without listening to my babies during my other pregnancies. Once I could find the heartbeat, I listened for a few seconds every day. This time though, hearing that skip scares me so I just haven’t been able to listen. It may very well all be fine and he may outgrow it. I’ll just keep praying.


I forgot to write about it last week but Levi was in our bed one morning and he felt Zane kick. After that, for the next several days he kept lifting my shirt to put his hand on my belly and he would say “I feel baby kick.” It was so cute! Tru hasn’t felt him yet but when we were on vacation, my 5 yr old niece A felt him. I think it kind of weirded her out but she also seemed to think it was pretty cool. She told me later “I love your baby.” ❤


Today Levi and Tru were talking about Zane and I heard Tru say “Zane is in mommy’s body.” He said it all matter-of-fact and nonchalant, so I guess the boys are just used to the idea now. They like to watch youtube videos on development for babies on whatever current week we are on. Levi loves to look at Zane’s ultrasound pictures. I’m surprised he can understand what he is seeing. Tru isn’t as impressed with those pictures. 😉

Dear God, thank You for this beautiful week. For our vacation and the memories we made. Thank You for keeping us safe. Please watch over Zane and help him to keep growing and getting stronger. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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