HI! Sorry I haven’t responded sooner. I was out of the office.

I’m sorry about your ultrasound experience. I have not reviewed your images, but I hear your concerns.
I know that you will have multiple ultrasounds for growth in your pregnancy, and I am happy to schedule those at the ——- Center if you would feel more comfortable there.

I know you travel far to see us. Would you like to me to make arrangements to see if we could have you scanned on the same day as your next appointment?
Just let me know. I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to tell me. 🙂

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Wow!! That was such a nice reply and I’m so happy that she was so cool about arranging things to make us feel better. 🙂 I think I will take her up on the offer to do my ultrasounds at the Center because that’s where I had the majority of them with my previous pregnancies and I’m pretty comfortable there. Shew! What a relief to see that she wasn’t mad and that she really cared about my concerns. 🙂