Since we haven’t been able to rest easy since the brief anatomy ultrasound I had last week, I decided to email my Dr about my concerns. 

I want to be able to feel confident in this practice and know that they won’t rush through my visits and give me one-size-fits-all care. I felt comfortable forgoing the first trimester testing because I “knew” that the anatomy scan would alert us if there were any major anatomical problems. But since it was the most incomplete experience I can imagine, I don’t feel at all comfortable. 
If, God forbid, this baby should have any major health problems, I’d want to be prepared so I could have the best plan of care lined up for the pregnancy and birth. 

I still have my concerns about his heart because it is still skipping beats. A fact that my Dr isn’t aware of because they didn’t so much as listen to him on the ultrasound or doppler. And when I told the dr I saw at my last appointment about my concerns for his heartbeat, she said if it looked like a normal beat on the ultrasound, she wasn’t worried. …… But in order to know that fact, they’d have to actually look and listen, amiright?!
So, below is the email I sent. We’ll see if she says anything back. I wanted to email instead of talking at my next appointment because I was afraid I wouldn’t get it all out. And I don’t want to be interrupted, so this works better. 

Dear Dr name removed
I debated on contacting you about this, but my husband and I have talked it over and decided that we are not entirely comfortable with the anatomy ultrasound we had on June 21st.
I don’t want to seem in any way to be doubting the practice or the skill of the sonographer. (She was very nice and I really enjoyed chatting with her during the ultrasound.) My only issue is that the ultrasound itself seemed very brief and incomplete.
I asked some of my low-risk friends and family members what their anatomy ultrasound was like since I didn’t know if I just have higher expectations because of being managed as high-risk with my previous pregnancies. But the girls I asked confirmed that their anatomy ultrasounds were more detailed like I am used to.
For example, I didn’t see any detailed measurements of the heart and other organs aside from baby’s brain. The heart was visulized, yes, but each part was not measured. The heartbeat was not listened to nor was the heartrate measured. The entire ultrasound was around 10 minutes, maybe less, whereas my anatomy ultrasounds in my previous pregnancies took close to an hour to assess each organ and limb and that is also what my friends and family members experienced.

Name removed and I feel that we would be much more comfortable with a more detailed ultrasound at some point in the pregnancy since we don’t really feel reassured about baby’s health from this anatomy ultrasound.
I really hope I am not coming across as high needs! Like I said, I feel bad to even bring it up. I just know my husband and I will rest much easier if we have a bit more information on baby’s health.
Thank you so much for your time and your patience. 🙂

~ name removed