Little Levi has become quite the big boy. He went and had his first professional haircut this month! It didn’t turn out well but he sat perfectly quiet and very still throughout. His hair still has lots of body to it and if it’s humid out, it takes on some curl. I think the hair dresser was afraid to cut too much curl off. Ah well, he’s handsome either way. 🙂
Levi has mastered going on even the big twisty slides at the park on his own. It makes me nervous, of course. Especially since he broke his leg on a slide last year. But he really enjoys playing on the equipment like a big kid. Basically, if Levi is outside, he is happy. We spend lots of time outside just about everyday with the boys riding their bikes and coloring with sidewalk chalk. They also love picking grass for “pigger” and checking on all their berry plants. Hopefully some blueberries will be ready in the next week or so.

Helping Mommy water plants


I love the way Levi talks! It’s so cute. There is nothing that he can’t say; he’s got a very extensive vocabulary. But when he’s trying to think of the right word, he puts little pauses in his sentences and it’s absolutely adorable! I really need to get some video of him talking because I’ve been very lax with pictures and video lately and I realized the other day that I don’t have much footage with him talking at all.
Levi is super goofy (a trait that became apparent when he was only a few months old) and he loves to tease and joke. He doesn’t like loud sounds like motors (but he’s fine with stuff like fireworks) and he is afraid to ride on the lawnmower when DH gives Tru a ride. (Blades off, of course) Levi always runs up to me to keep him safe and it’s the cutest thing! So now, one of his favorite things to tell DH is “I scared you tractor! I not ride you tractor. I ride Pap pap’s tractor!” Or sometimes he tells DH “I ride you tractor.” And when DH pretends to get excited, Levi says “I not ride you tractor!”, with a goofy smile. And then he tells DH to be sad and cry. That’s just one of the many ways he likes to tease and goof around.
IMG_7174 (2)

Super cool bros

In fact, Levi has always been a happy, easy-going kid. But it seems like lately he has to have at least one or two really epic tantrums per week. I’m talking, laying on the floor, can’t get ahold of his emotions, screaming, turning red and just completely inconsolable. There’s really nothing that we can do to calm him down and it seems the best thing is to just give him space until he gets his anger out (which was set off last night because he skipped his nap and it was time for bed, and the popsicles we bought weren’t frozen yet…. and that was just too much to bear). Once he stops crying, he’s usually really calm and happy. This is entirely different than what we deal with when Tru is upset. I try not to compare the two but it is interesting to see the different ways they handle their emotions.
Levi has always been really tender-hearted and he can’t handle being in trouble, it just breaks his heart. He has his obstinate side, but he is usually very receptive to even gentle correction. I usually try to get the boys to look in my eyes when I’m explaining why whatever they are doing is unkind behavior. Lots of the time, that works great with Tru. But getting Levi to look in my eyes while I talk to him is usually impossible (only when he’s mad). Really though, he’s a good kid. I mean, he has his moments like any kid, but I can’t complain. I really just want to find a way to help him channel his anger in a healthy way so he doesn’t have to have a complete meltdown every so often. It’s not so bad now, but can you imagine a 10 year old kid doing that? Because I can, and I’ll tell you, it ain’t pretty.
But, on to brighter things… Levi has grown a ton over the winter and this spring, I’ve found that very few of his t-shirts from last year still fit. He’s moved into mostly 3T clothes with some 2T still fitting. It should be no surprise how much he’s grown though, considering how well he eats! I can’t believe he used to be my picky kid who was a skimpy eater. He eats almost everything that is put in front of him. The only complaint I have is that neither of the boys like to finish all their supper and then they are hungry just as soon as we put everything away. They are always in a rush to go play so they are antsy trying to sit through supper. An average day would be, breakfast: yogurt and applesauce and sometimes cereal too. Multiple snacks all morning. One or all of the following: fruit pouch, raisins, cheese, 1/2 bagel and cream cheese, crackers. Lunch isn’t too exciting. Maybe just a half peanut butter sandwich or a tortilla with cheese (so gross but they love it). More snacks after naptime. Then supper. Then more snacks at night: a banana or half peanut butter sandwich (which, by the way, is called a “butter shirmps”). Usually the boys carry around their water cups all day (we have like 7 of them that we struggle to keep filled!) but once in awhile they have orange juice or chocolate milk.

We are really on a fresh grilled corn kick over here. Mmmmm!


I have noticed lately that Levi walks on the inside of his feet a bit. He’s definitely not flat-footed but when he walks, it kind of looks like he is. I think this might be leftover from when his leg was broken. I plan to mention it to his Dr at his next checkup but I think it’s probably ok.
One other little health concern I have with him is that he has developed several light colored “birthmarks” over the course of his life. The first one appeared right after he was born. The others have just started showing up more recently. I showed his Dr one on his groin and she found another on his leg. Then I noticed one on his back a few weeks ago. They are called cafe au lait spots.  Basically, it could be nothing but it’s something we are keeping an eye on because these spots can indicate a couple not so great things. I have at least one of those spots myself and it has never concerned me at all. But you know how everything is so much more scary when it involves your child.
Levi still likes to hold my hair when he needs security. “I hold you hair.” And if it’s in a pony tail, he gets so upset if he wants to hold onto it. I don’t mind, necessarily, but it can be kind of uncomfortable and I can’t stand it for very long. I still think this is leftover from when he would hold my hair while nursing and it still makes him feel secure. But, he’s doing it less now, so maybe he’s “weaning” from this as well? Thankfully he still likes to “muggle you” and “hold you” several times a day, so I’m happy we still have that bond.
Wow, this is getting really long and there’s still so much more I could say. I guess I’ll have to save it for later.
Dear God, thank You for all the joy that this special little boy brings into our lives. I am so thankful for his sweet and loving little self. Please watch over him and keep him safe and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen.