How far along? 14 weeks 6 days. 


  • The lightheaded and heart pounding one is the big one right now. I know that staying well hydrated is very important in keeping this less severe, but it’s pretty much there regardless for now. I’m sure it will get better as things progress. I also have been getting out of breath really easy, usually in conjuction with the lightheadedness. 
  • Most days this week I was merely a bit queasy off and on. I had to miss 2 days of my b-vitamins and those days were worse with nausea. I think b6 really does help me a lot! More than I had realized, for sure. 
  • On the other side of things, (and definitely tmi), things are STILL not “moving along” without massive measures of help. I have given up on Colace. Miralax is really not that miraculous afterall, and I finally gave in and bought a bottle of nasty cherry Milk of Magnesia. Here’s hoping! 
  • I am having little contractions already. I stopped my progesterone at 14 weeks. I was going to continue it till the bottle was gone but I was just really done with the mess, and being 14 weeks, there’s not much point to staying on. I do still think maybe the progesterone was keeping my uterus from being so irritable though. I generally get tons and tons of contractions from 10ish weeks on. All day, every day. Way more than what the Drs tell you is normal. But that has just always been the way my body works. Lots of things trigger them like having to pee, rolling over and tight clothes, to name a few. 

Weight? Difficult to tell at the moment. I weighed myself yesterday and was +7. Today I am +9. I definitely have varying degrees of water retention, especially if I’ve been on my feet all day or if it’s more hot out. 

Bump? I’m still not really feeling any movement. Once in awhile I’ll think I felt something but I’m not really sure. I wonder if I have an anterior placenta again like I did with Levi. With Tru, I could feel his kicks from the outside at 15+ weeks and so could DH. Of course, I was 25ish pounds less back then and had essentially no belly fat. 

Cravings/aversions? I’ve been wanting popscicles but not really craving them. No aversions except Ramen noodles will make me almost throw up. Like running out onto the porch because I really thought I’d throw up. Interestingly, they also made me sick when I was pregnant with Tru. I haven’t been too keen on pasta this whole pregnancy. Except for pasta salad, because of the dressing. And I eat a salad almost every day right now. Can’t get enough! 

Best moment? Today we went to the lake and hiked a 1/2 mile trail. The boys did great walking by themselves! Levi let me hold his hand almost the whole time. (Precious!) It started pouring rain and we got pretty soaked, but standing huddled under a tree, I just felt so happy. Our little family, spending time together, making memories… priceless. And you know what? All the better that we got rained on. The boys loved it and it just made it that much more exciting for them. After that adventure, our little thrill-seeker Tru wasn’t ready to go home. So we hit the store in our soaked-rat state and bought some stuff, but the most exciting purchase was a bag of puffed corn that the boys enjoyed on the way home. Love them. 🙂 

I have our anatomy ultrasound scheduled for 18+3 but DH can’t get off work any that whole week. So, since we really wanted to find out gender together, we scheduled a gender ultrasound at an elective place for 15+4. They do them starting at 15 weeks. I asked the girl scheduling us if it would be better to wait an extra week or two but she said no, they are good as long as you are 15 weeks. That’s surprising because most of the other places I looked at around here are from 16-17 weeks. Super excited about that! By my next update, we should know what we are having as long as baby is showing us the goods and we can get a clear shot. I don’t think I’ll be able to trust this early of an ultrasound but it at least should be 90ish% accurate. I think we might go ahead and take the boys with us. I feel like they would enjoy seeing the baby on the screen, however, as with all things involving kids, I know I could end up being super wrong and they might be bored. At least it’s only a 10 minute scan. 😉 DH’s aunt and grandma might come too. 

SO, this is your last chance to guess the gender, if you are so inclined. DH has put in his guess of girl (third time, maybe he’ll be right this time) Levi has remained very confident that baby is a girl. Tru says girl. I have been really sure it’s another boy all along, BUT, now that it comes down to it, I’m kind of leaning towards girl, only because I’m not feeling kicks so I wonder if it’s a dainty little lady in there. On the other hand, baby measured 5 days ahead at both early ultrasounds which immediately made me think it’s a big boy. I still don’t have 1 iota of preference but we do finally have our middle name for a girl picked. Her name would be Journey Kalea (ka-lay-uh), meaning joy. 🙂 For a boy, we still don’t know. DH is awful about not wanting to pick names until he knows what we are having. Drives me nuts! Just sit down with me and look at some names already!! 

Ok, this is getting long so I’m going to go. In desperate need of getting a Levi update posted! So much going on with him lately. And a life update in general. Lots of new things around here as well. Anyway, maybe I’ll find the time to do that next week, between all the picnics and parties…. 

Dear God, thank You for a wonderful week! Thank You for all the things I was able to do and for the fun I got to have with Tru and Levi. Please continue to bless this pregnancy and watch over the baby. I pray that our ultrasound will go beautifully and be fun for everyone who is there. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

Please pardon this picture. Our camera battery quit before we got an “acceptable” shot so you are stuck with this…. 10pm, post rain-soaked hike.
Also, my old chalkboard got ruined so I picked this one up today. 🙂