How far along? 12 weeks 5 days (5-12-17) 


  • I’m happy to say that the nausea has faded into occasional queasiness and has become less noticeable as the week has progressed. I plan to keep taking the Unisom for awhile longer but I think I would probably be ok to stop the Zofran now. 🙂 YAY! 
  • Still having breast tenderness and very minimal leakage – not so much that I notice it on my clothes, but I think they have slowed down their growth this week. 
  • I think baby must be having a growth-spurt as I’ve had a couple days this week where I simply could not stay awake and fell asleep randomly, once on the floor! This, after sleeping in until 11am! I know, I know… that’s embarrassing. Actually, the boys skipped naps several days when we were running errands too late and that combined with rain in the mornings making everything dark, caused them to sleep in. Really late. So I did too. It was a little disappointing when I realized that the whole morning was gone… Obviously we all needed the rest. But wow!!! 
  • I’m still definitely having pretty bad skin on my face. I bought a new face scrubber gadget that I’m hoping might help a bit, but honestly, I’m not sure much can be done when the cause is hormones. 
  • I notice more round ligament pain that catches when I first stand up usually. It’s not bad but it does give me a start. 

Weight? I think I’m up 6lbs. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little concerned to have already gained so much so early on. That’s definitely a record for me. I’m sooooo hungry all the time! I am being careful to snack on mostly healthy stuff – carrots with either ranch or seasoned salt, salad with dressing only, tortilla chips with salsa or avacados, yogurt… I guess I just have to keep doing my best and try not to stress about it. It’s not the weight gain itself so much as the implications for pregnancy and birth. BUT, I might as well not worry about what I (obviously) cannot control. 

Bump? Oh, it’s there! And it’s obvious. 😉 My maternity stuff is still mostly too baggy but I bought a new pair of maternity capris with demi panel and I’m pretty sure I’ll still be able to rock them after pregnancy, so, that’s nice. 🙂 Most days I just wear maxi skirts and either a t-shirt or loose top if I’m going anywhere. At home, I love me some leggings or pj pants. 😉 

Adversions/cravings? Not much. However, I cooked a deer roast in the crockpot overnight lastnight and woke up in the night thinking that I smelled vom. It was the roast cooking and putting off cooking smells … and now I really don’t want to eat it. 

Best moment? I think I felt baby move in the night at 12+2! I woke up to use the bathroom and when I laid back down, I felt this little flop-flop. I haven’t felt anything since that I could say was really the baby. It’s still early… I also had a cute moment with Levi. He told me that he wants to share his things with the baby. Melted my heart! He keeps talking about the “Baby in you body. Baby grill.” LOL! I told him today not to get too set on it being a “grill” because it might be a boy. 😉 

Randomness…. I had a dream that the baby was a boy and we named him Zane Trey. He looked nothing like our boys but he was cute. I couldn’t remember anything about the birth at all or even how he was born and that made me kind of sad (in my dream). I think I had a dream that we had a girl too, but that is less clear. 

As an aside, we have been talking about names a bit here and there. Nothing for a boy so far (unless we actually do name him Zane) and no middle name for a girl although I’m thinking about Selah. 

Dear God, please continue to watch over us and bless our upcoming Dr appointment. I pray that the baby will keep growing well and healthy. Thank You for all of our blessings so far. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

That belly!! I should note that this was about 10:30pm and it really pops at night, but really, it’s pretty obvious at any time of day. 😉