I thought I’d do a quick post to share some of my favorite baby care items. This is not an affiliate post and all opinions are my own. 🙂 

Sonoline B 3mhz

Let’s start with my favorite pregnancy related item, my doppler. I bought it on ebay when I was pregnant with Truett. It was around $50. Interestingly, my OB uses the same doppler! I certainly have loved using it and my cousin used it during her pregnancy also. My SIL, 3 of DH’s cousins and 2 of my cousins have all had success hearing their babies on it from about 9 or 10 weeks on. If you’re contemplating getting a doppler, this is the one to have. The only downside is, the heart rate readout is often inaccurate. If I want an exact reading, I just count it out. As always, if you are feeling concerned about the health of your baby, don’t rely on the heartbeat alone. Always tell your Dr your concerns. 

Baby BUM Brush

Go ahead and laugh now, I almost did. Is that seriously a butt spatula so you don’t have to touch your own baby’s butt? Yes. It is. And after months of using tons of different creams and medicine on Levi’s raw and often yeast infected butt, I was thrilled to have an item that spared me from having to constantly try to dig various creams out from under my finger nails. If your baby is frequently affected by rash, this is an awesome item to have.  I’ve already decided that this is going in my baby shower gift bags from now on! 

Honest Soothing Bottom Wash

I buy a lot of items from The Honest Co. I like most of their cleaning supplies and personal care items. I decided to try this bottom wash for the boys. You know in the morning when you change that soggy overnight diaper, sometimes it seems that a wetwipe just isn’t really doing the job? Well, this stuff does. I like to use a soft baby washcloth to wipe it off. My boys don’t mind having it sprayed right on their behinds but I’m sure it would be less cold and still work well sprayed onto the washcloth.
I’m going to leave off here for now. What are your favorite baby items?