How far along? 10 weeks 6 days 

Symptoms? I had 4 good mornings in a row with the nausea. So good in fact, that I even skipped my Zofran 1 day! And then it hit me like a tidal wave and left me laying in bed, calling my sister to come watch the boys. By the next day I felt much better again. I still get fairly nauseous in the evenings and at night, but as long as the mornings are good so I can take care of the boys easier, I’m happy. I think it’s interesting to note that the nausea decreased in the mornings around the same time as I stopped my nightly PIO shots at 9+6. It could be a coincidence but it felt related to me. I’m still on Prometrium 400mg at night and this morning I missed my 200mg morning dose so I think I’ll just be done with that dose now since I’m weaning off anyway and it’s less leakage to take it at night when I’m already in bed. I’m definitely less tired than I was before and requiring less Miralax 😉 and no Colace. Acne is still going strong. Weird pokes and twinges started this week and I can definitely feel my uterus tightening already. I had an irritable uterus with both boys as well and I remember little contractions starting around 10 weeks with Tru too. The boobs are getting much more firm and heavy. (And I never mentioned it but I actually started leaking milk right after I found I was expecting. That seems to have stopped now mostly.) I don’t really want to go without a bra (at home, in the morning, before I shower!) anymore because it’s uncomfortable. I’ve had restless legs for a few weeks but I get restless legs a lot regardless so, who knows. 

Weight? +4 total. 

Cravings/aversions? No cravings at this point. I’ve calmed down on the salads but I’m still snacking on vegis and Ranch dressing. Wouldn’t say I’m craving them though. I do have lots of aversions. Basically, food. Almost every day I eat ravioli because it goes down ok. I’m pretty tired of it now. 

Bump? It’s more round now I think. I also think that it’s getting obvious. Depending on what I wear, I think you can pretty much tell that I’m pregnant and about 4-6 months along. 😉 HAHA! Tru seems pretty intrigued by the idea that the baby is naked in there! 😉 He’s mentioned it a couple times. He flips back and forth between boy and girl predictions but Levi stays pretty solid on it being a girl. 🙂 

Best moment? 2 pregnancy-related best moments this week…. Seeing the baby waving it’s hands and kicking on the ultrasound at my appointment, and hearing it kick several times and move around on the doppler at home. Those loud blips and swoosh noises melted my heart! I thought mayyyyybe I felt baby flutter at 10+4. I was hunched over and my waistband was pressing in on my belly and I felt a little something move real low in my pelvis. On the other hand, could have been something entirely different. It’s still quite early to feel anything…. 

In other news, I need to do some updates on the boys! Lately they are playing outside a ton, riding their tricycles up and down the sidewalk. Levi pushes Tru around the yard in their battery-less Jeep and on the peddle tractor that Tru can’t quite reach the peddles on. It cracks me up because you would think Levi would get tired of pushing Tru around but actually, he enjoys it! Tru will say “Will you push me, Levi?” and Levi is quick to say “Ok!” and push him alllll over the yard. So cute! 

We bought some vegetable plants yesterday and the boys were so cute picking what they want to grow and carrying their plants around. We bought 2 each of yellow, orange, pineapple, and beefsteak tomatoes – all large varieties. The boys didn’t seem to really love the cherry tomatoes too much last year. Tru liked carrying the big ones around like apples and eating those and mass amounts of cucumbers. 😉 We also bought 1 each of cucumbers, watermellons, zucchini and yellow squash. 6 (so far) green pepper plants. 6 rainbow chard and 6 (so far) everbearing strawberry plants. Next year I’ll probably expand the garden but this year I’m keeping it pretty miniscule. I think the boys will enjoy planting and watching things grow. I know they really did last year, especially Tru since he was old enough to “take part” so to speak. 

Well, I’ll leave off now. This is getting long and I’m getting tired. I failed to take my 10 week picture today. If DH comes in before I fall asleep, I may still get it but I’ll post this without for now. 

Dear God, thank You so much for this wonderful week; For the great Dr appointment; For the baby moving around and growing so much; For all the fun we’ve had this week. Please keep Your hand of protection over this baby and our whole family. In Jesus’ name, amen.