I had my prenatal appointment today with the new OB and I am happy to say that it just could not have gone better! She was so sweet and caring and kept asking me “What can I do for you?” and telling me “If you need anything, just ask us and if it’s something that we think would be a good idea, we’ll do it!” It was such a pleasant thing to have her asking me what I felt comfortable with vs how a lot of drs tend to just tell you what is “best”.

It was also interesting to hear that she delivered one of her children with my previous practice and loves them and knows I had really quality care there. I told her how I had really felt comfortable and happy with my prenatal care there and that it was really just the birthing experience that felt pressured and over-managed. I also told her that, if I need interventions during labor and delivery, I am fine with them. But otherwise, a less hands-on approach would be better. I explained some of the details of my birth with Levi and she was disappointed that I had the hemorrhage that probably could have been avoided and that I’d felt rushed during my labor. This Dr does think I have a very good chance of another successful VBAC. She wants to avoid induction (so do I even though I had a very easy induction) but because of the travel time (about 1.5 hours) to the hospital and the ease of being able to stop Heparin an appropriate amount of time before labor, it’s something she might consider at some point.

Another great positive was that this OB immediately said I should start taking Lovenox and aspirin when she was reviewing my history. I told her that I’m already on it and she was quite happy to hear that. What a change from usually having Drs telling me to stop it once I get to 10+ weeks! She said she wants to get my records from the previous practice and pretty much do everything exactly like they did. Her reasoning was that she doesn’t want to mess with what worked in the past. I went in there fully expecting that I’d have to negotiate and compromise on what monitoring I had, but as it stands now, she doesn’t want to cut anything out. Not even dropping to weekly NSTs vs 2x a week. She appologized for asking me to drive so far so often but really felt better just making sure we don’t miss anything. I never thought I’d be actually asking for LESS monitoring!

The last surprise came when she said she wanted to do a quick ultrasound. I didn’t get pictures but baby was waving it’s arms all around and kicking and just looked great! I could see the hands and fingers and it’s little mouth. ❤ The umbilical cord was pulsing with the heartbeat too which I've never seen before but was really cool! And I'm happy to say that the SCH appears to be gone now! The Dr didn't see any sign of it anymore so I am completely thankful for that. 🙂 My next appointment is in 5 weeks. They asked me if I wanted to come back in 3 weeks or 5, and much to my own surprise, I actually decided to make the appointment for 5 weeks.

I might be having the NT test in the meantime…. I haven't decided for sure yet but I think I might. I didn't with the boys and just felt no need to. It doesn't change a thing with how we feel about baby!! I guess I have to decide soon if I'm going to do it or not as it's usually done around 12 weeks.

At any rate, I'm so happy that things went well today and that we clicked so well. 🙂