Well, I wrote an update at 3 weeks 4 days and 4 weeks 6 days and they just POOF, disappeared. That’s a bit disappointing. But anyway. My most notable symptoms from 3 weeks were: queasiness, hunger but not much appetite, metalic taste in mouth and excess spit, very emotional and crying over every. little. thing., occassional cramps, dia, dry cotton mouth feeling, bloated, heartburn, acne, and peeing alot. 

How far along? 4 weeks 6 days 

Symptoms? Pressure and fullness in my low pelvic area, feeling hungry quite often but sometimes feeling a little gaggy while eating. Not really any nausea this week to speak of unless I let myself get way top hungry. Some crampiness from time to time and pinchy pains in my ovaries. Low backache started yesterday which I saw on my updates with Levi around this same time. Usually running to the bathroom morning and evening quite urgently with some sort of dia. Also remember this with Levi as well. The ladies are feeling heavier and fuller, though that’s not neccessarily reflected in the way they look. Still having a bit of a breakout on my face. Not much else besides that. Feeling quite good really. 🙂 

Sleep? I am definitely sleeping better than I had been before I got pregnant. And also waking earlier. I feel more full of energy than usual, which seems odd, but I have fallen asleep several times when both boys were napping. 

Weight? I’m not sure what exactly I weighed at the beginning of the month. My weight has fluctuated a lot the last couple years. Most recently I’ve been around 133-139. So I’ll say 135 just to make it easy since I think I was around that when I found out. 😉 All that to say, down 1 pound this week and last. 

Bump? This morning I noticed that familiar little pooch I always get right above my pubic bone. I didn’t have that till quite a bit later with Tru! Seems crazy to already see that little bump popping up. 

Cravings/Aversions? I started craving cooked green vegetables before I even had my positive test. In fact, that is one thing that made me suspicious. I am especially enjoying sauteed asperagus, and spinache and kale with bacon. To balance out the healthy cravings, I have also had Taco Bell a couple times. As per my cravings every pregnancy. What do they put in it? 

Tru and Levi have been very interested in the concept of their being a baby in Mommy’s belly. They have enjoyed looking at pictures and Youtube videos of unborn babies. So sweet how excited they are! They are also mostly holding strong to their predictions of baby being a girl. 

Dear God, thank You for this beautiful blessing, coming at such a sweet time. Thank You for all of Your blessings on us. Please continue to bless and protect this pregnancy according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

5 Weeks

Nausea has been the headline event this week. I didn’t have morning sickness this early with the boys aside from an occassional queasy moment. This type of sick started closer to 7 weeks with them. This time, it was scattered queasiness before 5 weeks, but the day I hit 5 weeks was just constant sickness. It feels something like being extremely carsick and trying to hold back the gag reflex many many times per day. Understand, I’m not complaining. Simply stating how I feel. So Sunday through Thursday were constant queasy to very nauseated days. Thursday I tried taking what had helped me with Levi (when I finally tried it after weeks of intense misery). Off brand Unisom Sleep Tabs. The ones with doxylamine succinate. I took that along with a Homocystex Plus (the methylated b-complex I take since MTHFR prevents my body from absorbing other forms of b vitamins). Anyway, I felt better right away… But I also fell asleep on the couch and was very tired for several hours. Obviously. Then Friday I woke up feeling completely normal. I contemplated freaking out but I remember this happening with Tru a lot. So I just tried to enjoy my shower without feeling sick and ate without trying not to gag and then I cleaned my bedroom and closet and got summer clothes out for the boys and got rid of an old chest and other junk. It was a productive day! My SIL had us over for pizza for our 3 birthdays this month (I’m almost 28, ya’ll!) and once I ate supper, I felt a little sick. This morning, Saturday, I’ve been back to being sick again.

Sorry for that long-winded, run-on paragraph about my tummy. Despite all that, this week flew by! As everyone continues to speculate on how many babies are in there, I am definitely counting down the days until our ultrasound (6 …. 5 if you don’t count the day of, since it’s in the morning 😉 ) On the one hand, we have no reason to suspect multiples on an unmedicated, natural cycle. But then, the 2 follicles we saw on ultrasound, the high and fast doubling betas and the early onset of morning sickness have my family all voting twins. I have no idea really. I keep trying to see if I have a gut feeling about it. I really just don’t yet. But I will say that everywhere I turn, stuff keeps popping up about twins. And I saw a family at the grocery store pushing a stoller with TRIPLETS! Haha. I’ll be happy either way. 🙂 

How far along? 5 weeks 6 days 

How big is baby? They boys have really enjoyed me showing them pictures of what the baby looks like now. I gave them each a dry lentil to hold today because that’s how big baby is supposed to be tomorrow at 6 weeks. They thought that was great. I am a bit confused though. At 5 weeks baby was supposed to be the size of an apple seed. Maybe I just see weird apples because all the apple seeds I’ve ever seen were clearly bigger than a lentil. ??? 

Symptoms? Some of the pressure and fullness in my low abdomen that I felt last week is starting to come back again. From right around the time I found out I was pregnant until midway through this week, I’ve been running to the bathroom morning and evening with “The Dia”. But halfway through this week, all that stopped…. Long enough that I gained back the 2 pounds I lost. I am feeling a little more tired this week with some lightheadedness when I stand up. And of course, the aforementioned nausea. 

Weight +/-? 0 

Bump? I definitely feel a firm bump just above my pubic bone. I really don’t remember feeling that so soon with the boys. This evening, DH remarked that he can see a bump at the bottom of my belly. It’s definitely noticable to me, especially when I look down in the shower. The rest of my belly seems to have shrunk but that little spot has a lump under it. I’ve already had to open the button on my pants when I’m sitting because it is very uncomfortable. So funny to have this happening so early. 

Cravings/aversions? There is very little I can stand the thought of right now. Granny smith apples, potatoes of any sort, and pickled eggs are about all I can even think about. Occasionally, noodles sound ok. Everything else = gag. I made a special stop at the store this week to look for edible food but I failed. 

I’m still taking my PIO shots. And giving them to myself, I might add. I had with Levi a few times but it’s so hard to reach back there to my butt cheeks. But, it is possible with great acts of contorsion! I’m also taking Prometrium, 1 pill morning and 2 at night. I’m also on Lovenox of course and have been since ovulation. Baby aspirin (always), Macrodantin (UTI suppression), B-complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. I do need to ask my dr about the Vitamin E though because I don’t want to overdo it with the blood thinners. 😉 

Dear God, thank You for this week and for the reassuring beta and progesterone check. Thank You for the morning sickness as I am hoping that means the baby is healthy in there. Thank You for all the blessings that You have poured out on us this week. Please continue to watch over and sustain this baby according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
7 Weeks 

I am sitting on my porch, enjoying the sunshine. On a yoga ball. Wrapped in a queen size comforter. I’m sure I look like a sight! But the thing is, I feel less sick outside. So I’ve been outside almost the whole day. It’s breezy and cool but nice. The house has smells. Smells everywhere! And it makes me sick. So today we let our pig out of his pen to run around and eat grass. He loved it! We ran errands and now DH is mowing the yard for the first time this year. It’s so green and beautiful and so nice to finally enjoy being outside again after the winter. 

I didn’t do a 6 week update. Mostly because it would have been really short and read “I’m sick with a cold and morning sickness. I have 2 blisters in my mouth, a sore throat and I’m constipated up to my eyeballs (TMI – you’re welcome).” But I thought I’d spare you that update. So, you’re welcome. 😉 

Thankfully, the combination of Doxylamine Succinate at night and Zofran a half hour or so before I get out of bed, has finally helped me make some progress toward feeling somewhat normal and being able to function. Sometimes I have to take Zofran again in the evening because I feel worse in the evenings. But if I can get by without it, I try not to take it. I felt like I hit a wall last week but thankfully, things are looking up now that I have more coping tools. Taking meds is not ideal at all but I am thankful for the option when needed. I have been breaking my 8mg Zofran pills in half, which is usually enough, for now. I really don’t like to keep talking about this aspect of pregnancy though because, even though it has been rough, it’s really not a big deal in the scheme of things. It’s just for a short time. Plus, we’ve had lots of company with my family stopping in to help with the boys and such. That’s been fun for the kids and good for me too on days I don’t feel like leaving the house. 

So, anyhow…. Onto the Q&A’s. 

How far along? 7 weeks 6 days 

Symptoms? Well, this is TMI but… a daily routine of Miralax, 3 Colace, lots of granny smith apples, and probiotics has finally gotten me feeling alot better. I think the combo of Zofran and PIO is the main source of my issues rather than the pregnancy itself. Aside from that, I have some pain in my side from time to time. No idea if that’s pregnancy related or just me. I’m pretty tired by 8-9pm and have taken a few naps here and there when I’ve had time. My sniffer is on-par with our beagle’s nose’s capabilities. I have lots and lots of acne (gross!!). More tired than usual and rather emotional. And…. That’s about it! 

Sleep? I’ve slept pretty well lately, weird and vivid dreams aside. Probably thanks in part to the Unisom everynight. I do get up to pee several times and I REALLY have to go. I actually fell back to sleep on the toilet. Embarrassing and sad but, true. HAHA! 

Weight? I think I’m up by 1.5lbs. But that’s well within my normal weight flucuations so it may come and go. 136.5 

Bump? It’s definitely more pronounced and rounded at the bottom of my tummy but I don’t think it looks much different with my clothes on. My jeans don’t feel comfortable at all and I’m much more happy in loose fitting items. 

Cravings/aversions? I think that eating beans actually helps my morning sickness and I noticed that when I was pregnant with the boys too. I was reading a blog the other day and that lady said the same thing. Maybe there’s something to it? All I know is, I made a big crockpot of soup beans with bacon in them and I’ve been snacking on them every day. Aside from that, I HAD to have a coca-cola freeze today so we went to 2 gas stations to get one. And I HAD to have nachos, but they were gross. And I had been thinking about a soft pretzel for a whole week but it was gross too. I haven’t really CRAVED anything, but sweetened puffed wheat cereal hit the spot every morning for breakfast this week and I usually don’t like cereal. Everything else is NASTY and I don’t want anything to do with food. 

Best Moment? I found the baby on the doppler at 7 weeks 2 days! Incredible! I didn’t have my doppler that early with Tru but I found him at 8+5 and I tried earlier with Levi but didn’t find him till 8+1. I thought I’d try it this time because the baby was measuring so far ahead. It only took like, a minute! I think it was around 150-160 bpm. I wanted to post the audio clip but I can’t figure out how to share it on here. Anyway, yeah, best moment. 🙂 It makes it feel so much more real and I feel like it’s really bonding. 

Next ultrasound is in 2 days, Lord willing. I really hope the SCH will have absorbed by then. I’ve been trying not to do much lifting etc. I haven’t used the elliptical since the day before my last ultrasound. If it all looks well, I hope to start using it again, gently, of course. I did a terrible job at staying fit with the boys! Although, with Levi I was on couch rest for months due to previa, so there was nothing I could do about that. But if I can do better this time, that would be nice. 

The boys are still talking about the baby a lot. They are aware of it often. Like Tru always saying “Don’t sit on the baby, Levi!” when Levi climbs in my lap. And they still love to watch youtube videos on the developement each week. It’s pretty sweet. I showed them a profile picture of an 8 week baby yesterday and Tru was asking me if it only had one eye! They like to speculate on whether it’s a boy or girl. Tru says boy but Levi is still adamant that it’s a girl. 😉 

Dear God, thank You for Your grace this week. Thank You for the gift of hearing the baby on the doppler. Please continue to watch over the baby and all of us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

3 weeks 4 days

4 weeks 6 days

5 weeks 6 days – it’s funny how you can see the nausea progress along with the bump.

6 weeks 6 days and no stomach for applying makeup

7 weeks 6 days and a shampoo crisis lol

A face I’m sure you’ve missed 😀