How far along? 8 weeks 6 days 

How big is baby? At 8+1, baby measured 22.35mm on ultrasound, which is almost an inch. 🙂 

Symptoms? I’ve had a few days that were better this week as far as nausea goes. Staying outside is still the best remedy I’ve found so far. Outside, sometimes I feel almost completely normal. I even crawled around my flower beds and weeded and trimmed bushes yesterday and I felt great! I think the house just has too many smells. I’m usually only taking 4mg of Zofran once a day and doxylamine at night. Putting a little lemon juice in my water helps me drink more. My boobs seem to have stabilized at their current size now (maybe a half size bigger) and I’m not having nip tenderness anymore. I’ve had some days where I’m really exhausted. Like today, I could hardly stay awake. But I’ve been less tired overall and I think I only took one nap this week. 😉 Still very emotional. I bawled, as in sobbed, while watching Storks earlier this week…. Seriously. Still taking my combo of Miralax at least once and Colace x3 each day. It helps sometimes… I think that’s it for the symptoms. 

Weight? Yeah. What about it? I’m struggling right now. I think I’ve already gained around 4 pounds. That hurts because I’m so early still to already have gained so much. But given how puffy my face, feet and calves are, I think I’m retaining water for some reason. We have had a couple really warm days and I tend to swell pretty easy in pregnancy. Anyway, I have been reevaluating my diet and I really haven’t been eating bad. In fact, there isn’t much I can stomach so I haven’t had much chance to over-indulge. I ate like a whole bag of salad the other night over the course of the evening for snacks. I just used a little dressing too. Not all dressed up with bacon bits and cheese or anything. So really, I’m just going to have to not worry right now. I know I’m doing what I can to not gain a ton. 

Bump? I think that it is becoming obvious that I’m expecting. It’s rounding out at the bottom more and more. I keep feeling little gas bubbles down low and wondering how I’ll distinguish between those and the baby. I’m really looking forward to feeling movement! I usually check on the baby with the doppler once a day if I get a chance. I love that beautiful little galloping beat. 🙂 

Cravings/aversions? Most cravings are really quick to pass and not fullfilling when I get them. I could still settle for a Coca-cola freeze most days (although I’ve only had 3), but I don’t want pop by itself at all. Most stuff sounds gross still but I can usually get things down if I nibble at them slowly.

Dear God, please continue to watch over this sweet baby and help it keep growing well and healthy and strong. Thank You for this opportunity to grow another precious baby. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

8 weeks 6 days – water logged, lost my colored chalk for my board, and wet hair…. wow….