We’ve talked about buying a minivan for YEARS. Probably even before we had kids. And now seems like the perfect time. So today we finally bought our minivan! 
I know it sounds crazy to want a van, and honestly, we were both leaning more towards SUV recently. Primarily for the 4WD feature. But the ones we looked at just didn’t make sense as far as getting a kid in and out of the 3rd row seating with 2 car seats in the middle seats. And putting 3 car seats together is an absolute no because of all the fighting that goes on when the boys are close like that in the car. Also, it didn’t seem there was enough room in the back for my big ol’ double stroller. Vans are roomy and practical so a van it is! 
We bought a Kia Sorrento.(ETA: not Sorrento, a Sedona…. my brain!) Hopefully it lasts us many years! The boys really like it and so far, DH and I feel like it was a good choice. Usually I drive a full cab truck, so a van doesn’t feel big to me. I’m really liking all the room in the back for groceries and not worrying about them getting wet in the back end. 🙂 Yay!!