In less than 24 hours, we should be having our ultrasound. It’s felt like a really long wait the last 2 weeks since I scheduled it. 

I’ve been pretty much knocked flat with all day “morning sickness”. It hasn’t helped that I also have a cold. Sore throat, stuffy nose etc. I tried to make due for a few days with doxylamine succinate but I finally emailed my RE and asked for Zofran. I hate taking it because of the possibility that it might cause birth defects. But I couldn’t get off the couch or take care of the boys at all. 

I’m breaking my Zofran pills in half and trying to take it as few and far between as possible. Today I felt well enough that I cleaned both bathrooms, did a few loads of laundry, loaded the dishwasher and cleaned out the fridge. That was the most I have done in nearly a week. I also got on the elliptical for a few minutes while I was feeling well since everything I’ve read says exercise helps reduce nausea. The Zofran is starting to wear off now but since I’m almost halfway through the day, I’m going to try sipping ginger ale with ginger tea ice cubes and see how that goes.

I’d never want to discourage anyone with my morning sickness talk. It’s truly worth it and only for a season. 

I’m excited and also nervous for the ultrasound tomorrow. I’ve had a lot of nightmares lately so it’s been hard to focus on positivity. I’m glad DH is taking the day off to go with me. I’ll try to update after the appointment. My RE is on vacation so I am supposed to meet another of the drs there. I’m kind of sad I won’t have Dr T but it’s ok.