My RE called me today with my results and asked me twice if I’ve been taking my progesterone. I have been very faithful with taking it morning and evening. Prometrium 200mg 2x daily. I asked him what my levels were and he said they went from 29 on the 10th to 17 on the 17th. So he upped my dosage to 200mg morning and 400mg night. It really would have been nice to know this Friday instead of going the entire weekend with an abismal and possibly still dropping level. He didn’t order another check. 
I couldn’t tell if he thought that was a bad sign or not. He wants me to still come in for an ultrasound in 2 weeks. I’ll be honest, I’m scared. I went ahead and started taking the PIO shot, regardless of being allergic to the benzyl alcohol in it (10%). Hopefully the reaction will just be localized to the spot where I inject and not be systemic. I feel really awful that I didn’t take them before and stuck with the Prometrium. Even though my RE likes Prometrium, I know that historically, PIO has worked for me. I’m honestly just mad that I was unwilling to take the risk before. Don’t bother trying to make me feel better about it. It’s no use. 
Anybody have experience with this? Obviously I consulted Dr Google. Looks like it can go either way. Blah!! God, please don’t let me lose this baby! In Jesus’ name. 

ETA: I just saw in the patient portal that my progesterone with Levi also dropped from 35 to 20. I feel a little better after reading that. But I still don’t understand why that would happen. Not cool, body! Get with the program!