Third beta is in at 3,535! That’s a doubling time of 35.43 hours. πŸ™‚ Next up, in about 2 weeks Lord willing, we will have an ultrasound. 

Let me just ramble for a minute… I know I should’t compare and that betas don’t really mean much concerning multiple gestations, but still. I’m 19dpo. With Levi at 18dpo, my beta was 459. With Tru at 21dpo (at that point still a thriving triplet pregnancy) my beta was 7,487. It’s safe to say that around 19dpo with that pregnancy, my beta would have been around what it is today. 

And I did have 2 follicles this month…. I felt ovulation pains on the left on 2/24 and on the right on 2/25 into 2/26 early AM hours. (Guessing I finished ovulating 2/26 — why does that sound so weird to talk about?) So…. I mean…. speculation here. 

Ok. Enough speculating. Last night, I’m ashamed to admit, I felt anxiety starting to build. Now, I’ll be clear, I know why I do this. It’s because I struggle to leave things in God’s perfectly capable hands. I get anxious because I don’t want pain or loss. But it’s all out of my control. And that’s hard for me to deal with. So last night, I lost my willpower and went to grab a couple tests at the dollar store. And I’ll tell you, that was the darkest bfp I’ve ever had! It was glorious. 

This is embarrassing but I’m posting it for the other progression enthusiasts. 

When my sister saw these, she sarcastically asked “Do you think you’re pregnant?” Smart mouth.


Also, for those who find this via google, here’s a shout out to you! I do lots of googling too. Another embarrassing admission. I’m posting all my betas for easy comparason. 
1st pregnancy betas: 10dp2dt (12dpo) -250. 16dpo – 800+. 21dpo – 7,487.

2nd pregnancy: 16dpo – 176. 18dpo – 459. 20dpo – 1,406.

Current pregnancy: 9dpo – 15. 12dpo – 127. 19dpo – 3,535.

Dear Lord, thank You for Your patience and faithfullness. Thank You for blessing me above and beyond all that I could imagine. Please continue to watch over this baby and our whole family. In Jesus’ name, amen.