I’m supposed to go in for my 3rd beta tomorrow, Lord willing. I’m planning to go first thing in the morning and wait about 4 hours and go beg my results from medical records again since who knows if my RE will get them before Monday. 
I’m starting to feel the nerves a little. I can’t believe I’ve made it a whole week without a beta! In my previous pregnancies, I was having a mental breakdown after 2-4 days. But I’ve been trying really hard not to worry about it this time. I’ve done pretty well, if I do say so. But today? Well, it’s been 3 days since I last POAS and saw those 2 reassuring lines. I almost talked myself into buying some tests today but I think it might be better to just wait for the beta. 
Shew! Early pregnancy… so easy. So hard!!! Pray for us please!