After another call to the lab this morning, my RE finally got my results. I’m not sure who is to blame for my results always having to be faxed multiple times. But anyway, my progesterone went up to 29. Quite happy with that! It was 16.5 four days prior. 

But, my RE wants me to wait until Friday for my 3rd beta instead of Tuesday. To be honest, the thought passed through my mind that I could probably go get the labs done Tues and pick them up from medical records and my RE would likely never know since he never gets the results the first time they are faxed. But, in the interest of following drs orders, and because the beta number Tuesday would only be for my peace of mind and not actually any benefit to the baby, I think I might try to be good and wait. 

I took a test this morning and it was nice and dark. Not darker than the control line, but close to the same. And not much darker than 2 days ago but still reassuring. That was my last pink dye test so….. now we wait.

All my symptoms have eased up which is the usual pattern for me. I don’t really feel pregnant right now. Just kind of crampy. With the boys, my symptoms eased after the first few days and came back closer to 7 weeks. I’m interested to see if we follow the same pattern this time. 

Also, my PIO injections arrived today but I don’t think I can take them. Last year I realized I seem to have an allergy to benzyl alcohol. Which is 10% of the ingredients in PIO. Oh well. I might ask my RE if I can switch to taking Prometrium orally. I do wish the injections would have worked out this time. They are so easy. 

15 dpo aka 4 weeks 1 day today! 🙂 At this point with Levi, I hadn’t even taken a test yet. Lord please continue to watch over and sustain this sweet baby according to Your will. In Jesus’ name.