With Levi’s birthday just 9 days away, I need to get this update posted! So much fun stuff going on with this adorable little boy right now. He’s so precious and smiley. He’s goofy and giggles alot. Ever since he first learned to laugh, he has always giggled about things that he thinks are funny. Loud noises, people dropping things, farts…. and he is always good about announcing farts. His own and everyone else’s. 

He’s seriously such a good natured kid. Sometimes when he throws a fit, I can tell that he’s just doing it because he thinks he should, not because he’s actually mad. Levi has the fake cry wellllll mastered at this point and will milk it for all it’s worth. He’s very emotionally sensitive (which I LOVE) and has a very tender heart and we have to be very careful in our parenting not to hurt his feelings because he gets embarressed and cries and it’s so sad. 

Now that Levi is a “big boy” and weaned ect, he is majorly obsessed with my hair. He’s always liked it a little but now? There is nothing as comforting as a big ol’ handful of mom’s hair. There is nothing as soothing as holding strands of hair and running your chubby toddler fingers over them. It’s so fun to pretend your fingers are scissors and say “cut hair” while smiling mischieviously. The poor kid cries if my hair is in a messy bun and he can’t easily grab it for all his comfort needs. Tru joins in sometimes and then they fight over who gets to hold more hair. It’s kind of irritating but also cute so I endure… 

And speaking of hair, Levi is in dire need off a hair cut. It is SOO long it’s almost in his eyes and it’s well over his ears. He actually has a mullet growing in the back. I keep saying I’m going to cut it but, I procrastinate. 

Levi is still a snuggle nugget. He loves to sit in my lap and be held. Especially if he’s tired. The cute thing is Tru now let’s me hold him more just because him and Levi always have to do the same thing. I’ve never seen 2 kids have to do every. single. thing. together at the same time. It’s cute though and I might as well enjoy it while I can. It does make things easier sometimes. 

I can’t get over how well Levi talks now. He talks in full sentences all the time and there is nothing he can’t say. Including mouthy stuff like “NO! Don’t want!” anytime I tell him to do something, such as clean up his toys. I do make the boys pick up their toys much of the time. They don’t like to very well but after they figure out that I’m not backing down, they usually stop whining and even enjoy telling me where everything goes as they put it away. But back to the talking, it melts my heart when Levi says things like “Muggle (snuggle) you Mommy” and “I wuvs you too”. I think I mentioned before, he oftentimes says “too” even when he is the first one saying it. Which just makes it all the more adorable. 🙂 

He currently loves: 

  • Showers with Daddy and Tru 
  • Picking out his own snacks 
  • Taking his bike out on the porch to ride on warm days 
  • Petting the dog (and sometimes antagonizing him) 
  • Feeding the dog treats (and apparently eating them too as he had one in his mouth at my in-law’s house tonight – gross!) 
  • Playing with Tru and on his own 
  • Also pestering Tru and then hugging him 
  • Holding my hair 
  • Making Daddy carry him around the house in the evening like a tiny baby 
  • Playing his guitar and singing the song he wrote – it goes “weener weener weener” over and over. I’ve told him not to sing that because it’s not polite but I kind of wish I could get it on video once. 😉 
  • Playing “wegos” (Lego Star Wars) on my sister’s phone whenever she is around 
  • Flipping the kid sized recliner over and using it as a slide – hey, he’s inventive 
  • Playing with kids at the gym childcare
  • Half-heartedly pushing the kid sized cart at the grocery store, then getting bored and making me push it like a huge weirdo 
  • Eating 
  • He loves eating – this makes Mommy very happy 
  • Making his own personal pan pizza – this includes helping me roll out the dough, putting on sauce, veggies, cheese and pepperoni. So cute! He is always putting on huge handfuls of green peppers and onions. The boy’s pizza’s turn out better than mine! 

Levi goes through phases where he wants to pee on the toilet and drags us into the bathroom to put him on the toilet. Then he totally switches and doesn’t ask to go on the toilet at all. I am thinking about starting to potty train for real in a few weeks but only with slight determination. 

I realized the other day that Levi has 16 teeth now and I don’t even know when some of them came in! I’m glad that the molars obviously weren’t too hard on him. 

This child is completely head over heels for eating chips. I don’t know if it’s the crunch or what but I can’t keep him away from the tortilla chips the last few days. At my in-law’s house this evening, Levi kept taking bags of chips off their stand and making his Grandmama feed him chips. 

I had better stop here because this is getting rather long. 

Dear God, thank You for this precious and sweet little boy. Thank You for all the love and joy he brings to our family and for the love and tender heart that he has. Please watch over him emotionally, physically and spiritually all the days of his life. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

He loves the birthday card he got from cousin M. He laid on the couch looking at it so happily.

Eating a “pouch breakfast” while I was working on the family room.

The boys were so impressed by this sailboat fry.

Still at the stage where he’s happy to watch Tru drive the remote control car