I posted this a few days ago with a password but all the people who needed to be told personally before I posted on here, have been. We still haven’t told most of our friends and family so if I know you in real life and you read this, just keep it quiet a bit longer. Thanks. 🙂 

Can you keep a secret? 

God has done it again! 

I am pregnant. 

“He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the Lord.” Psalm 113:9 

Let me start at the beginning. If you read my last post, you might recall that I had 2 follicles at my appointment with the RE where we were discussing why I didn’t ovulate on Femara. On that unmedicated cycle, lo and behold, I had 2 good-looking follicles. 

Isn’t it funny how God works? 

So, I went home and used OPKs and TI and hoped for the best. I felt really positive though. Which is weird for me because I’m usually a really realistic person. I just felt like I was being told “wait, I say, on the Lord.”

And you also might recall how Levi weaned a few weeks ago instead of nursing until he turned 2. I had asked God to let him nurse till he turned 2 if he was going to be my last baby. 

So anyway, Saturday, March 4th, I found myself in the bathroom trying not to throw up. My sister had spent the night and her and DH kept saying “Maybe you’re pregnant!” So even though I was only 6-7dpo, I took a test. 2 tests actually. I could almost believe I saw the faintest whisper of a line but…. seriously? 

Monday I tested again. Still thinking maybe?? But surely not. But…. There was certainly something there. 

Tuesday around noon I decided to test again with my last test. 9-10dpo. I prayed that if I was actually pregnant, that second line would be darker than that practically invisible line the night before. And it was!! It really didn’t sink in fully though. I called and asked for a beta, giving the disclaimer that these were just internet cheapies, and ran to WM to buy some $.88 tests. I paid for them and waltzed right into that restroom and took one. There it was! That second line! Faint, but undeniable! 

My RE’s office took their sweet time sending over the lab order (From when I called until the hospital recieved it, took almost 4 hours!) so I burned more time running in and out of stores looking for a CBD with Weeks Estimator. Turns out they are no longer being sold so I settled for a regular CBD… And took it. PREGNANT! That beautiful word. 

All day I was on the verge of happy tears. Hands shaking with nerves and excitement. I just kept thanking God and thinking about all the ways that He had this planned so perfectly. 

Finally I had my beta and progesterone drawn and rushed home to throw together the surprise for DH. An inconspicuous brown paper bag with a tiny onesie and 2 newborn diapers I bought during my time browsing the store. On top of that was a pile of Reese’s Eggs. And I bought a plain black t-shirt and painted the words “Papa Bear” on it and painted the sillohette of a big brown bear. 

When he came home, the boys met him at the door and Tru gave him the bag. At first he was just taking the eggs out but I prodded him to look furthing. He was shocked! I mean, this has happened before, but it still caught us by surprise. We were so infertile! We failed IVF before! But yet…for some reason, God in His abundant love and mercy, has blessed me with this great joy to know that there is life in me yet again. 

I told the boys. While they dont really understand it yet, they both say they want a baby “grill”, although Tru told the lady at the lab he wanted a grill and a boy. 😉 

Today, March 8th, I got the test results. Beta was 15 and progesterone was 17. The RE was not overly exuberant about those numbers, but I took another test today… actually, 2 more tests, and they appear to be getting darker. 

It’s all in God’s hands. He has brought us this far and I have to just trust Him. 

My RE wanted to make me wait till NEXT tuesday, a week after my first beta, for a follow up draw. I told him that, at the risk of seeming like a high-needs patient, I really wanted a draw on Friday before the weekend. I want to be able to tell my family wonderful news this weekend. I’ve only told my Grandma, my bestie and DH’s cousin who has been nothing but love and support every single step of the way. 

So anyway, he agreed to do a draw Friday and Tuesday. He also started me on Prometrium until my PIO gets here. He thought it was a weird request to ask for PIO over Prometrium but I like the less messy approach.

I hope to take the password off this post in a few days and repost it, so if you see it twice, that’s why. Thank you all for the support. Thank you for listening. 

Top: yesterday noon, middle: today am, bottom: this evening