Lots of catching up to do! Bullet points….

  • We recovered from the nasty stomach virus. YAY! A couple weeks later, the boys and I came down with a cold. It was pretty mild though. But the residual drainage caused Tru to get an ear infection. I had to take him to the pedi today for that but he’s not having too much pain with it. Just his 4th fever for the year so far. Ugh! Poor kid.
  • DH turned 27! We had dinner out with my sister and her BF and then went laser tagging. A first for me but I loved it!! I imagine quite a few of our dates nights will end up there now. Typing that just made me realize yet again that I am definitely not a heels and fancy dress girl….. 
  • I had my follow up with the RE on Feb 20th. I was on CD 10. I explained to him how I hadn’t ovulated in Jan on the Femara. We discussed the possibility of trying a few IUIs. I asked him to check my uterus and tubes before we moved forward. He said we could certainly do an SIS with the start of my next cycle and try upping my Femara and using Ovidrel trigger. But he did a quick ultrasound and we were surprised to see that I had 2 nice follicles growing even though this was an unmedicated cycle. He said to go home and DTD every other day. More on all that later…. 
  • I also had my follow up with the cardiologist about the fast heartrate thing. All the tests I had (Echo, Holter, EKG) looked great. Nothing wrong with my heart. He said that my body is basically overresponding to adrenaline. I forget what he called it but he said it will resolve itself eventually and until then, I can take a low dose beta blocker to minimize symptoms (haven’t started it yet) and take magnesium daily. So all that was great news. 🙂 
  • DH painted our family room!!! Finally! After almost 5 years of procrastinating. I had to mud all the joints (my job cause I’m better at it) and he painted (his job because he used to paint apartments for a living and his paint job is nearly flawless). It is gray and looks great! I might post some pics in a password post. Feels kind of funny to post my family room publicly, I don’t know why! I share every other little gross detail. Haha. 
  • We also bought a new dresser for our bedroom. Ours was 15++ years old and really broken down. We bought an unfinished wood dresser and I plan to stain it espresso. We also got a tv stand for the family room which we also have to stain. This is great because now I will have space for all my photo albums. (And I have a ton!)

I think I’ll leave that here for now. Levi needs an update posted. His birthday is the 20th!! And I am working on a password post. 🙂 Take care everyone!