On buckling his own car seat: I try to. I just can’t!… but I try!

On Daddy tickling him when he’s mad: No! Stop! I don’t wanna smile!

On nap time because he’s getting grumpy: I just wanna be happy! I don’t wanna be sad! I don’t wanna cry! I just be happy! I wanna play toys and be happy!

On pretending to be a monster and making Levi cry in fear… also on popping bubble wrap which also scares Levi: I don’t wanna stop. It’s funny!!

On having company at bedtime: Can I play with uncle? (Mommy: No, it’s time for bed.) Tru: Can we play at the dark??

On only liking toddler formula, not milk: I want forman, not milk…. just forman!

On denial about aging: I’m 2. I turned 2 last night in my bed. (Has also claimed he turned 1 last night.)

On mom’s boringness: Oh, it’s just you. *To Levi* It’s just mommy, not daddy.

On the sample cookies being gone at the bakery: Santa Clause ate them all!

On the claw machine that dropped his ball: The machine is tired!! *Through many tears*

On my fat roll: Mommy, you body is getting big. *Rubs fat roll*

On man-boobs: I don’t have boobs. I have buttons.

On similar sounding words: That’s not my ankle! It’s my uncle!

On having a fussy little brother: Levi! Turn your volume down! Not up. Down!