So, as the title says, Levi is officially done nursing. I’m not sure whether I should be happy or cry. Both, maybe? 
On the 4th and 5th of February, he nursed several times, even falling asleep nursing on both days. Then he got that stomach virus and didn’t nurse again until, I think the 11th. The funny thing is, he’s went a week without nursing before and started right back up. But this time he really couldn’t nurse. Like, he couldn’t remember how. It was kind of funny but also sad a little. Then today he asked for boob. I told him no, he’s done with boob now. Tru even backed me up, adding enthusiastically “You’re a BOY now!” But Levi insisted so I let him try. He totally couldn’t even latch on. I started laughing and told him “See? You don’t know how to nurse anymore. You’re done with the boob.” and he just smiled. 

Just like that, my baby is a big boy now. The interesting thing is, I didn’t know if he would wean before he turned 2. I’ve been curious to see because many months ago I asked God to please let Levi nurse till he turned 2 if he was going to be my last baby. He’s not 2 until next month…