I’m not big on these commercial holidays. Partly because I think we should be loving our spouse every day (same with Mother’s/ Father’s Day) and partly because I know this day is just another annoying reminder to those who don’t have a love in their life at the moment. But, it is a good excuse to have a nice dinner and eat sweets, so that’s what we did today. 

  1. I curled my hair today. Like, actually fixed it. I know! Big moment! 
  2.  I headed to the store with the boys and bought the fixings for a nice homemade dinner. Seafood linguine with sun dried tomato sauce – sautéed potatoes, green beans and mushrooms – garlic bread – and salad. And a few little treats. 🙂
  3. Came home and put the boys down for a nap and made cupcakes. 
  4. DH came home from work to supper ready and on the table. I know, i know. That kind of shock was probably a bit much for him! 😉 


After supper I gave each of my 3 loves a box of chocolates and gave DH a giant cheesy card. The boys got a card from my parents. We ate our cupcakes and spent the rest of the evening like usual. The boys thought the chocolates and cupcakes were so exciting. 🙂 

I liked these little boxes of chocolates. So cute!

Hair is fixed! It’s monumental!

Tru and Levi thought these hearts on the table were great 🙂

Definitely want to make this again!

Giant cheesy card. But those bunnies are adorable!