First of all, thank you everyone for your comments of encouragement on my last post and for all the prayers!! I appreciate it so much. 🙂 I don’t want to speak too soon and regret it, but today was actually a really good day. Nobody threw up. Nobody had diarrhea. Need I say more? We all really needed to get out of the house so we took the boys to get ice cream. A horrible idea so soon after being sick? Perhaps. But no harm done and we enjoyed ourselves. 

DH stayed home from work sick yesterday. He never threw up, although he felt like it. He took some Zofran though so that probably helped. Levi threw up once in the morning because he drank too much water too fast. Tru laid on the floor in front of the tv the entire day and watched cartoons for 9 hours! Poor kid. The boys finally calmed down on the diarrhea thing, which was great. 🙂 In the evening I got a touch of the virus but, thank the Lord, it was over quickly. So quickly that I’m still a little concerned that I didn’t actually have the virus and was just feeling bad for other reasons…. namely, AF. Yep, she showed up finally 11 days late. I had to cancel my appointment with the RE because of the boys being sick but I am scheduled to see him next week. I don’t really know what that appointment will involve aside from asking him what we can try to do to get my cycles back to normal. 

I kept my appointment yesterday with the NP to talk about my heartrate issues while exercising. She’s having me do a few tests and bloodwork to check it out. I’m not really concerned. Except for, I worry a little that if something is wrong, she will tell me I shouldn’t try to get pregnant again. But for now, I’m not going to worry about that. Just do my little tests and pray for the best. 🙂 

I am sanitizing the house and getting things back to normal. I’ve enjoyed using my essential oils diffuser this week. It makes the air smell so much cleaner and puts me in a better mood. The kids went to bed a bit ago and I shampooed the living room carpets. There has been so much yuckiness on the carpet this week that it really needed a thorough washing. It was due for it anyway. I love when my carpet is freshly washed. It’s so soft and fluffy. 🙂 I think a hot oil hair treatment, face mask and nail painting session are in order before I go to bed. I got a couple bottles of gel nail polish on clearance today. I’ve never tried the gel kind so… here goes! 🙂