Shew! I feel like I’m always writing about one or the other of us being sick. We have another one of those nightmare stomach viruses. The worst part? After 5 days, it’s not even over yet. 

It started Sunday morning with Levi waking up with the dia. Ick! That continued all day. At 1am Monday, I heard him crying in his bedroom. Then he stopped but for some reason I decided to check on him anyway. He had thrown up. So I took him to my bed and he threw up again and again. DH and I were up with him all night cleaning him up and comforting him. He threw up until around 3pm that afternoon. Then he finally could drink sips and not throw up. So obviously he was getting better, right? WRONG!! 

That night I checked on Tru in the night and he had a fever. UGH! Levi had been running a fever off and on. It would be 104.8 and then it would be gone. The weird thing was, Tru woke up in the morning with no fever and not feeling bad. This was Tues morning. Then Levi threw up again. URG! Throughout the rest of the day, Levi was fine aside from horrible dia. Drinking sips and eating little bites of bread and crackers etc. But it couldn’t be over yet… No. 

Because at 1am wed, he woke up and fussed for a few seconds before throwing up all over me, the bed, the night stand, the floor… So while DH cleaned up the bed and dressed Levi, I got dressed to take him to the children’s ER. I could tell he was getting dehydrated from all the dia and since he couldn’t reliably hold any fluids down, I decided I wasn’t waiting any longer. He threw up 2 more times before we left and 2 or 3 more times on the way to the ER and again at the ER. It was devastating to hear him in the backseat crying “Mommy. Mommy. Pwease.” and all I could do was reach back and hold his hand. 😦 

Around 3am, DH texted me that Tru was up throwng up over and over. Great. Just great. The ER was packed but after 4 hours or so, we were ready to make the 1.5 hour trip back home. They gave Levi some Zofran and pedialyte and he perked up quite a bit. I picked up his Zofran script at the pharmacy (where I fell asleep in the parking lot waiting because I had only slept 1 hour that night). I couldn’t stay awake driving so I called my mom to talk. 

When I got home, I laid down for about an hour and a half. Tru continued throwing up probably at least 20 times, all told. Thankfully the pedi was able to squeeze him in for an afternoon appointment. Another hour drive each way while Tru threw up on the way and again in the waiting room. Another presciption for Zofran and another hour drive home. 

The good news is, the Zofran stopped the vomiting for both boys. They still have near constant dia. (I think we’ve went through at least 2 bags of diapers in the last few days) The bad news is, Tru is allergic to Zofran. After his second dose, he started getting this confused and scared look on his face, then his arms would go up and he would jerk around and if he was sitting, he would fall backwards. I tried to hold him but his back was arching. And he was hallucinating. I looked up the side effects and tremors and arching back are listed in the “call dr immediately” for Zofran. After a midnight call to the on-call dr, she said he can’t take Zofran anymore. Thankfully, today he has been sipping water and pedialyte. I also made some ginger root tea and am mixing that with the boys drinks to settle their stomachs. 

This is one horrible virus and the vom doesn’t seem to stop and stay gone on it’s own. It’s crazy…. Pray for us. DH is already down 2 of his 7 sick days at work for the year. I am trying to sanitize the house. There has been throw up in every room in the house. The laundry room is crazy and I have washed so many loads over the last few days. I am trying to stay on top of everything because if (PLEASE NO!!!!) I go out with this virus, the house needs to be as managable as possible.