I tested this morning with a frer and there wasn’t even a whisper of a second line. I’ve only used them 5 times in my “career” and I really think I don’t like them. The one I took yesterday had an awful indent line that I truly thought was a positive for a few minutes until I saw the crater from an angle. :/ This after having a nasty evap line on an $.88 wm test earlier yesterday that was pink and everything! But since it showed up after the time limit, I knew it couldn’t be trusted which is why I bought the frer. The stupid new curved handle design makes it weird trying to read the results. It seems like there is always a glare. 
I’m definitely disappointed. Not that I actually expected to be pregnant this month but we timed things well and the femara seemed to work. Ah well. I’m due to start AF on the 31st (Happy New Year!) and plan to take femara again next month. I don’t know what happens after that… I’m praying about it that God’s will be done.