It’s all over. Almost. I saved the boys stockings as we never had time to open them. I think we will save them till New Year’s Eve and start a new tradition. There is a DVD for each boy and popcorn and a couple other little items in there so I think it will be fun to watch the movies on nye. 

We gave the boys new dress shoes, books to read as well as preschool/coloring books. Tru got socks, which he wasn’t thrilled to open but was really happy to wear that day. Green striped socks with his lavender suit. It was classy. 😉 We gave them each a costume bear stuffed animal that I went out of my way to find. Then they traded them… lol. Go figure! 

We spent Friday the 23rd at my parent’s house, then Saturday evening we went to my aunt’s house for the big family party. DH had church service that evening also as he is the worship leader. Sunday, Christmas Day, we opened presents in the morning with the kids, then drove 1.5 hours to DH’s grandma’s for lunch at noon and presents. After 5 hours there, we drove another 1.5 hours back to DH’s parent’s house and had more gift opening. We finally came home and got the kids to bed around 10-11. I was sick with a cold by that point that had been working on me that evening. I’m doing better now. Levi is still getting over his runny nose/cough. 
It was a whirlwind and exhausting but we had fun. 🙂 Both of the boys really got it this year and were super excited to open presents. When DH woke Tru up to tell him that Santa came, Tru ran to the kitchen and said “He’s not here!” Haha! We had set out cookies and milk the night before which was also fun. We didn’t tell the boys that Santa was real or anything like that but Tru insisted for weeks that “Santa gonna bring me presents and I be good!” so we just went with it. 😉 
Now I’m trying to get my house back to normal… it’s like a toy store threw up in here. I really enjoyed spending time with our families this year. Yes, it was hectic. Yes, the boys were tired and had meltdowns. But it is so worth the little inconveniences to be with family. 🙂