You might recall how our poor old beagle had to be moved out of the house last year as his behaviour towards the boys left me a little on edge. Beagles are far from being thought of as vicious dogs, and in fact they are really quite sweet. But River had taken to growling at the boys for no reason and even snapped occasionally. Not actually biting of course but too close for comfort. So, he’s been living outside all year. Poor old River is over 7 years old now but this is the first winter he has ever started to show his age at all. I can tell the cold is especially hard on him and I just won’t leave him outside in this weather or even when the nights fall below 40°f
as he just shivers so much. Long story short, he is mostly inside again and he is loving the boys! I still am watchful that Levi doesn’t test River’s patience by tugging at his ears etc but so far River just follows the boys around and seeks their attention and petting. The boys LOVE him and call him over to them to play all the time. I guess they are old enough now that they don’t freak him out anymore. The cutest part is that River wants to sleep in Tru’s room and sneaks in there at night. Tru is still in his crib so they aren’t close together or anything but just to be safe, I’m not letting that happen yet. But it is awfully sweet. 🙂 ​