I guess that’s where all my stuff is going lately because it sure isn’t anywhere around here. I went through all of the boy’s toys a few days ago to weed out some they have outgrown and I noticed that a lot of toys are already missing. Where do they go? Search me! I’m fairly certain that there is a black hole around here somewhere. Some type of toy and clothing sucking vortex. But the real annoyance happened this evening while I sat looking at our recently decorated Christmas tree and realized that an ornament we gave Tru for his first Christmas was never seen this year and it now appears that at least 1 ornament of Levi’s is also missing. I pulled all the Christmas decoration boxes back out and searched the closet also but they are nowhere to be found. ­čśŽ It simply doesn’t make sense! One or 2 misplaced items is understandable but this situation is getting out of hand!