To start with, the pig has been captured. Our beagle was staying over at my parent’s house while we were on vacation. The corn field that the pig has been primarily hiding out in has been harvested now. So that left the pig pretty much homeless and without his food supply! He saw our dog out in the yard and must have thought he was another pig or something because he came up to him and they have been friends ever since. So much so that River led the pig into the chicken coop and my brother shut the door. Captured pig! He busted out once but was led in again. That was a couple days ago. We got back from vacation yesterday and went over to do some pig taming. After a long while of sitting in the chicken coop with him, he let us pet him until he fell asleep!! ​He has at least doubled in size and looks very healthy. 🙂 

A pig and his dog. DH is one happy pig owner.

As far as vacationing goes, 3 weeks ago my mom and 5 of my siblings went to Israel. They are flying home today. My dad took 2 of my brothers to New York for a week. They are home now. My sister stayed with us during that time and we worked on my parents house, mudding, sanding, repairing walls, painting, removing and replacing trim etc. It looks very nice if I do say so. I hope it will be a good surprise for my mom. 
Then, we drove up to Niagara Falls and stayed overnight (we got there at 3am) and spent a few hours walking around. Tru loved the falls! It was a bit chilly and rainy though. Then we drove the rest of the way to my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Upstate New York and stayed for 5 days. We went around visiting family and having a great time . 🙂 Tru ended up throwing up from 3:30am until 8:30am the morning before we left. I was really worried we would all be sick on the drive home. Thankfully that didn’t happen! 
So we are home now and trying to get back into our routine . It’s always hard the day after vacation. 😦 But, we have a pig pen to build and more trim to hang at my parents so it’s off to work!