Happy birthday to our first miracle baby! Thank you dear Lord for this precious little boy. 🙂 

Today I let Tru watch cartoons when he woke up and then we woke Levi up and went over to my parents house for a couple hours. After that we went out for lunch but I forgot the toy was still in the bag from the kids meal and I threw it away. Thankfully Tru didn’t notice. 😉

I had some errands to run and managed to actually hide a present for Tru under another item and get him the spiderman hat/glove set that he saw recently and loved. 

We came home and had ice cream cake and presents before supper! 😉 We gave Tru the preschool workbooks we bought him (because he’s young enough that school is fun!) and a huge map to hang on his wall. The favorite gift was the hat/gloves of course. 🙂 

That’s about it! Just so super thankful for this beautiful little person today and everyday.  🙂