Either my last monthly update on Levi got deleted somehow or…. I never posted it. That’s entirely possible. But anyway…. I’ll just dive right in with some bullet points. 
• Levi says so many words now! Like, all the words! But he doesn’t put them into sentences yet. Occasionally he will say a couple words together. He is extremely good at conveying what he wants/needs by motioning, pointing and saying a word or two with his gorgeous big blue expressive eyes looking right into mine. 
• One interesting thing I’ve noticed ever since Levi started talking is he says every single word with the exact same inflection. It starts high pitched and drops. Like “DA-ddy”. I can’t really explain it. But just the last couple weeks I’ve heard him starting to use different inflections. 
• Over the course of the last few nights we are starting to have major struggles with bed time. I made the (maybe) mistake of giving in one night and getting him out of bed when he wouldn’t stop crying. Now he cries EVERY night and nap time and even refused to nap at all yesterday. I’m not sure what to do about this. 
• Levi cut his bottom left incisor in August and the right in September. I think that brings his tooth tally to 14 now. 
• Levi went from possibly the pickiest eater ever to my kid who will eat almost anything in fairly massive quantities! It’s kind of funny. All that stressing about his pickiness and now the kid loves to eat. Maybe it was my persistence but more likely, he just outgrew his extreme texture issues. 😉 We went out for pizza this evening after taking the boys for a swim and Levi ate 2 whole pieces of pizza! And Tru ate 2 and a half. I guess they really worked up a big appetite today. 
• So, naturally there are less snuggles now that Levi is so mobile but he will still sit happily in my lap first thing in the morning sometimes or when he is trying to evade bedtime. (See above) He is starting to give more kisses especially when we ask him. Big loud smacking kisses. So cute! 
• I cut his hair just a few days ago and it aged him by like, a year! All his little curls are gone though his hair still has lots of wave to it. Broke my heart to have the curls gone. They stayed through the first haircut but this time they just didn’t spring back in. 😦 However, he looks amazingly adorable with this hair cut and it definitely fits his age. 
• We are down to just one or two very short nursing sessions now. Levi will usually ask for more throughout the day when he is sad or tired or if he gets hurt. A lot of the time I will say no especially if we are in public since it’s getting awkward but I don’t mind him nursing a couple times a day. Recently though he will get bored after just a couple minutes and be done. I keep thinking one day he will just decide to give it up but I don’t know… I’m definitely not worried about it either way. 
• His current likes are: playing outside, playing with Tru and doing whatever Tru is doing, making daddy carry him around when he gets home from work, having hair treatments (my sister does this – she loves to give him hair treatments and he just thinks it’s the best), baths, following me around while I clean the house.
We made our first batch of cookies together this week. 🙂 I call them “floor cookies” because I put the bowl on the floor and give him the spoon and he stirs while I add ingredients. Saves me the fear of him falling off a chair. They were quite tasty and I’m pretty sure they were uncontaminated by the floor. 😉 I really want my boys to learn how to cook, at least a little. Their wives will thank me for it, I hope! 😉 
And also, re the self potty training bit, it’s still happing from time to time. Yesterday I think he went 3 times and first thing this morning he went again. Yesterday I noticed he would grab his diaper and look towards the bathroom. If I asked him if he needed to go pee he would shake his head yes and run into the bathroom and put his potty seat over the big toilet seat and he was still dry when I would sit him on there. He goes right away but will not get off the toilet until we flush it. Pretty funny little guy. 🙂 I’m still trying not to get overly excited about this “progress” but also don’t want to hold him back if he thinks he’s ready! 

I can’t tell you how much this precious boy means to me!! Watching him play with Tru, kissing his chubby cheeks, just taking care of him. It all makes me so happy! I love him so very much!! 
Dear God, thank You for the treasure and blessing that Levi is. Thank You for everything that he’s learning and having fun doing. Please protect him and watch over him at all times. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

It’s a little blurry but how cozy can you be in your hand-me-down baby robe!

All that’s left of the curls post hair cut. *sniff*

Best cousins 🙂

Sleepy little man

Every time we pull the camera out he does this fake cheese smile and says “cheeeeeeese!”

Sadly, he gets eczema on his cheeks that flares up at times, but it doesn’t hurt how handsome he is! 🙂