Snuggles with mommy

Snuggles with brother

I was watching a western one day and looked over to see this. His gun is tucked in his waistband!

Brotherly love

Tru asked me to take this picture – little ham!

Truett’s birthday is just a meer 6 days away. 3 years old. When did this happen? Seriously though. 3 years ago I was pregnant and worried sick waiting for my baby to come. And now my baby reminds me multiple times a day “Mommy, I big!” “I strong.” “I tall, mommy.” It’s such a beautiful thing to watch your child grow. It happens almost without me noticing and then one day I realize, he couldn’t say that last week… he couldn’t reach that a month ago…. these pants were falling off him last time he wore them and now they fit perfectly. 
Sorry, not trying to get all sappy on you. Anyhow, I always planned to stop updating with the months once Tru turned 36 months but I do still plan to do random updates on my biggest baby boy. 🙂 

What’s new with Tru? Hmmm, it’s more his personality developing that takes me by surprise all the time than anything else. He’s become even more snuggly and asks me to hold him several times a day. Even falling asleep next to me for a nap occasionally! This would have been almost unheard of last year. He talks a lot! He tries to sing occasionally. Sometimes he likes for me to sing, especially in the car and loves to listen to a playlist of Children’s Christian Music than I compiled from ytube. The “God song” is what he calls “This Is The Day”. 
If I tried to write down all the funny stuff he says, I’d be writing half the day! But when I sit down to write it on here, I can’t remember. :/ One thing is, last night I gave Tru a haircut and he always says “I look yike a lion” when he needs a haircut because his hair stands straight up all the time. When I was cutting his hair he said “Now I look (like) a tiger!” He does know his animals! He’s always impressed us by pointing out animals and actually giving the correct names for them. Even ones that I’m not that familiar with! He used to watch a great deal of Wild Kratts and that is probably where he learned so many animals. He has such great retention!  

His interest in watching shows has declined a bit but he still loves Wild Kratts, Curious George and Odd Squad. His love of Sesame Street has faded now but he still loves the individual characters and talks about them. I bought him a bunch of preschool workbooks for his birthday that are SS characters. They look really fun. I think I am going to start preschool with him now. He seems very interested in learning. My sister gave him some birthday gifts early and one of his favorites is Nat Geo flashcards with animal pictures and letters. He carries them around everywhere, even in the grocery store and puts them in his little shopping cart he pushes. Adorable! Anyway, he asks me all day what the letter is that he is holding up. I’m sure it’s starting to sink in now. For ages now he has been able to recognize a few letters like ‘O’ and ‘T’ and a few others. I have been drawing large letters on paper and having him glue on items like cereal, noodles, split peas, beans etc in the shape of the letter. Tracing the letter with the items. He loves it. 🙂 
One more SS story… I was playing a game on my phone where you guess the logo with parts of it removed and Tru loves to watch. He saw the SS logo with the words removed from it and said “Look mom! Sesame Street!” I feel like he’s really smart but I know I’m crazy biased. 

This booger can be a bit crazy at times. Like a bit times a thousand actually. And he pretends he doesn’t understand the actions/consequences concept. But he does! Oh, how he does. We were driving in the car the other day and he was talking in the back seat playing with a straw or something. Side note: he does this a lot where he uses an object to portray himself and he acts the part of mom. Anyway, DH and I were listening to his narrative and it went something like “Eat all your food or you can’t have ice cream. No ice cream. You didn’t eat your food.” Or something along those lines. Definitely not the first time he’s done this which just proves that he really does understand what we are asking of him and what will happen if he refuses. Which actually, he usually will do what we ask but often times I have to ask a number of times. But when he finally accomplishes whatever it is, he is really proud of himself. Like today, I asked him to pick up toys because his cousins were coming over. I had to ask him several times because he would pick up a few and then stop but eventually he finished the task and was so proud of himself and telling me a list of the items he picked up. And then at supper he wouldn’t eat on his own but I fed him bites off his plate and when he finished, he was so happy and bragging on himself to DH. 🙂

Maybe our biggest struggle is his repeating when he’s angry. He will get stuck on something and keep saying it in excess of 25 times. It doesn’t matter how many different ways I try to explain why it won’t work or whatever and ignoring doesn’t work either. For example: Tru “I want ice, please.” (He is polite. Says please all the time) Me “We don’t have any ice. I’ll have to make some.” Tru “I want ice.” Me “See Tru? The trays are empty. We don’t have any.” Tru, crying and melting down “I want iiiiiiiiiiiiicccccceeee!!!” Repeat times 20+.  The last few days I’ve started waiting till he’s repeated his request for whatever he wants (not usually ice, actually) about 5 times and then “Tru, if you keep saying ‘I want ice’ you are going to have to go sit in your bed.” It hasn’t really worked so far but I’m trying to be consistent. 

That’s not a good story to end on. I really feel like I can never capture in words how very loving this sweet boy is. Tru tells me he loves me all the time. He hugs Levi and tells him the same. He asks “God wuvs me?” at night when I put him to bed. He tells me that he loves other people and is extremely fond of his aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. He keeps close tabs on them when they come over. My brother A was here last week and every time he left the room Tru would ask “Where’s uncle?” Tru was burning up with a fever at 4:30am and his only concern was still, uncle. 🙂 He’s just so precious. I am so thankful for the little person that he is and for God’s graciousness in letting me love him. A gift. He really lives up to his name; True Gift Of God. 

Dear God, thank you for these 35 months of loving and raising Truett. God I pray that You will help us to always raise him according to Your will and I pray that Tru will always know of Your love for him and love You all the days of his life. Please protect and watch over him. In Jesus’ name, amen.