After my last update, Tru’s temp reached 105.3 at about 6 hours since his last dose of ibuprofen. We got him cooled down to 102.5 and went to bed. At 3:45am I woke up to him shaking and talking confused. He kept asking for his cup but he was holding it and asking for a blanket but it was right there touching his leg. His temp wasn’t terribly high like it had been before bed but I gave him his dose of ibuprofen since it was due and then I got in the shower. I really started to panic because of how weird he was acting (granted, it was 3:45am) and the shaking and the fact that it had been 3 days of high fever. So we got in the car and dropped Levi off with my half asleep family and drove the almost 2 hours to a children’s hospital emergency room. By the time we got there Tru was acting tired but like himself and his temp was only 100.4. The Dr basically said he looked fine, not dehydrated and to call his pediatrician that afternoon to get the results of all the blood work Tru had gotten done the day before. Basically, we wasted their time but it was good to know Tru wasn’t dehydrated. The fever was gone when we left but came back about a half hour later. We stopped and got breakfast then we went home and all napped for hours. Tru kept a fever all day but it never went high. Probably not over 103. Yesterday I checked his temp in the morning and it was 99.7. He played and ate like usual and is fever-free today! Praise God!! 🙂 
Over the last 2 days we got all his results back. 

•No step throat which we already knew but wanted to be absolutely sure

•Chest and belly xrays are good. Some distention from gas in his belly. He’s taking miralax now to see if that resolves.

•Most of his blood work was perfect. He does have low iron (10.4) which is no surprise because he’s always showed low iron. We just have to add the iron supplement back in. 

•I don’t know what these results mean. His Dr wasn’t concerned about them from what the nurse told me: low lymphocytes %, high neutrophils, high alkaline phosphotase, low calcium.

•His c reactive protein is high which is what prompted the Dr to refer Tru to rheumatology. From my extremely limited understanding , CRP shows inflammation in the body. 

•We are keeping a fever diary until his appointment. Basically we are just trying to rule out Familial Mediterranean Fever or some other Periodic Fever Syndrome. Both are not contagious. From what his Dr said, they are treatable.

•His blood glucose was 144 which might just be high from the fever and the fact that he just ate but to be safe, we are supposed to check it at home 3 mornings over the course of a week. 

I’ll say, this has been super stressful to watch him looking and feeling so pitiful. Poor little guy. I absolutely hate it when his temps go into the 104-105 range. Scares me so bad! I ended up with 2 sores in my mouth and one on my lip (haven’t had one of those in YEARS) from being so stressed out the last few days. By day 3 of the fever, it felt like it was never going to go away. I was so concerned for Tru, he’s such a skinny little guy to be missing meals and not drinking much. This morning it thrilled my heart when he picked out a yogurt, fruit pouch and asked for a peanut butter shirmps (sandwhich) saying “I very hongy” (hungry). And after that was all gone, he asked for cereal!! It will be interesting to see if another fever pops up in the next 11-13 days like the last few have been. Thank you for all the prayers. They are much appreciated. 🙂