We spent a fair amount of the night up with Tru dealing with this fever. This morning I made an appointment with another pediatrician in our group. He was actually my pedi when I was a kid. 🙂 He saw Tru at 3pm. We got there and his temp was 104.8. They gave motrin which brought it down some. We discussed the fact that:

•Tru is frequently passing ketones (which I knew from testing his urine at home a few times) and 

•always has high specific gravity which makes no sense because he drinks a ton. The Dr confirmed this with their tests. Normal during a fever but not ok when Tru is well. I’m to continue monitoring this at home.

•He soaks through even *overnight* diapers several nights a week and 

•recently drank so much one morning that he threw up. He has near panic attacks when he has to wait a minute or two for me to get his cup.
•The Dr recommended that I buy a glucose monitor and check his blood sugar occasionally. I told him that I’d actually already checked it with a borrowed meter and his fasting sugars have been 114, 119 and 82. The Dr wasn’t concerned with these numbers even though the first 2 are a little high. We can just keep an eye on it from time to time.

•Mostly we talked about the fevers which seem to be happening every 11 to 13 days or thereabouts. A few of them may have been actual colds but surely not all of them.

•The Dr didn’t like how distended his belly is and the fact that it is often that way. He said to give him miralax and sent him for a belly xray. If that comes back good, he will probably send him for an ultrasound. 

•We also went for a chest xray while we were at it to rule out any problems there. 

•The Dr ordered a whole array of blood work on Tru, checking his liver function, immune panel of some sort and sedimentation rate amongst other things. I can’t remember all of them. I think it was 4 vials.

•The rapid strep came back as a maybe faint positive. The Dr felt it was wrong so sent off a culture of that as well. 

•He is most likely going to send Tru to a rheumatologist after the blood work comes back. He suspects it could be cyclic fevers such as Periodic Fever Syndrome, which if I understand correctly, is genetic. And treatable. 

•We also talked about Tru’s belly pain which has been going on since may (?). He tells me almost daily and sometimes multiple times a day that his belly is “hot”. Which also means it hurts. I brought it up at his check up in July and was told to bring him in if it continued, which it has.

•His only symptoms today are lethargy, pain in his knee, tired and very clingy. All day he’s been having me carry him and saying “I hold you.”

•Lastly, we discussed Tru’s crazy night sweats: ​

That is sweat on the pillow.

Tru did great through the whole appointment, never crying even through 2 throat swabs, 4 xrays and the horrible blood draw. He really just wanted a turtle bandaid (TMNT) and loved his stickers. 😉 Everyone was shocked at how calm he was and I told the Dr that when I checked his blood sugar at home, he actually said “danks” (thanks) after I poked his finger. 
Hopefully we find something out in a few days that makes sense and is easy to treat. I’m definitely nervous and so is DH. It’s hard watching our little guy hurt and feel bad so often. Keep him in your prayers please. 

Fell asleep next to me with his sucker. Sweet baby.