Truett gets fevers all the time. He calls them “beavers”. Sometimes I almost think he can sense one coming on. Lots of the time there are no other symptoms and no one else gets sick. Even though he often sleeps in our bed while he is burning with these fevers and Tru and Levi continue to share sippy cups all throughout the time Tru is *sick*. So they seem to be his own thing and that really concerns me. I’ve started tracking the fevers and I think now is the time to make him an appointment with his pediatrician. The intensity of the fevers is scary for me because they almost always go over 102° and have went as high as 105.8°. That I know of! Tylenol usually does nothing for them and today ibuprofen isn’t helping much either. His temp was 103.8° today just 3ish hours after his last dose of ibuprofen. Aside from the intensity of the fevers, the frequency is really concerning. His last fever was just on sept 5th and it’s only the 18th now. I just don’t know what to think about this.