So, DH has wanted a pig for years now. Yes, a pig. As in, oink oink. He talks about it pretty often and loves to look at all the pigs at the fair etc. 

2 years ago at the fair. I mean, that is one happy pig-pettin man!

Well, last saturday we went to a small animal sale because I wanted to look for a milk goat to buy my mom for her birthday. (She has wanted a goat forever but that’s another story.) When we were getting ready to leave the house to go to the sale, DH remarked that if there was a pig there, he was buying it. I was like haha, whatever, no. But we got to the sale and of course, piglets. Adorable little baby piglets. I didn’t find a goat in my price range so we got ready to go. DH could hardly pull himself away from the piggies but he kept talking himself out of buying one. We had another errand to run and we drove by the sale again later. DH talked about the pigs the whole time. At home he went to mow the yard and came in talking about them again. He was saying “There just really isn’t a reason NOT to get one!” DH had to leave the house for a few hours so I snuck back to that sale. (You knew I would, didn’t you?!) Sure enough they still had the piglet that had been DH’s favorite. I paid the man and drove the pig to my parents house so I could keep him there overnight to surprise DH the next day. I opened the cage to get piglet out and… piggy took off running. He ran into the corn field and myself, my dad and 4 of my brothers and 1 sister spent basically the whole evening running through acres and acres of corn fields. (I haven’t done that in years. I don’t recommend it. It’s clastrophobic and itchy in there.) We sighted the piggy many times but never actually caught him. 5 days later and we have had multiple pig sightings every day since and even near catches with actual contact but that booger always gets away! Even with live traps set. I’ve come to really regret that pig purchase. And my surprise for DH was ruined when I had to go home and tell him…. “I bought a pig. And I lost a pig.”