DH and I finally took that overnight anniversary trip we had been planning for awhile. I was so nervous about leaving. (Actually, off topic but I seem to be still having a little leftover PPA. Although, this long after having a baby, can it really be called *postpartum* anymore?) Anyway, it was my first night away from Levi and I was pretty worried he would be inconsolable since he’s had bad separation anxiety when I leave him, even at my mom’s house, the last month+. As it turned out, he was fine. My sisters stayed at our house with the boys so Levi hardly noticed we were gone. I don’t think he even cried but…. I did. I knew Tru wouldn’t mind us being gone. He thoroughly enjoyed having company for a sleepover. 😉

We ended up really having fun though and eventually I relaxed. For part of the time we had no cell service so I just had to let it go. It actually made things easier for me. It’s a few hours drive to where we stayed so we stopped midway for steak dinner. When we got to the hotel we changed to swimwear and sat in the hot tub for quite awhile. It was late by then since we had to leave home so late after church etc. The next morning we went canoeing on a 7 mile adventure. Took almost 3 hours and we learned that canoeing takes team work! I paddle a lot harder than DH. Which made me think about how that’s true of real life…. It takes team work. And sometimes one of us is working harder than the other but it all evens out in the end as long as we stay in the canoe (Jesus). Deep thoughts….. 😉

We ate lunch when the canoe adventure was over and went hiking through some gorgeous trails for awhile. Our one shared hobby! It has been so hot lately but thankfully there was a mild breeze and it was bearable on the water and in the woods. We didn’t stay too late because of our long drive back but we stopped for ice cream along the way. By the end of our trip I was wishing we could stay another night, it seemed so short. But I was thrilled to get back to my babies. Tru told me over and over “I miss you!” and wanted to be held for awhile. Predictably, I got Levi in my arms and he said “boo” and pointed to my chest like always. 😉 Silly baby!