2 little sweet leggies!!

Last wed I took Levi to get his stitches out after having them in for a week. It was just as traumatic for him as getting them in, unfortunately. As soon as we got in the room – the very same room – he got very nervous and clingy. Once we laid him down on the table he stuck his bottom lip out trying not to cry but when the Dr walked over, Levi lost it. I had to hold his arms down and lean over across his body to hold him still and a nurse held his head. It should have taken a few seconds but because of his chin moving so much from the screaming, it took much longer. When it was finally over, the nurse said “Somebody is going to need a nap!” and the Dr said “Yes, I am.” I kept myself together this time because I knew Levi wasn’t hurting and was *just* scared.

The next day, we went to get his cast off. I was so excited to see his leg again, I just could hardly wait! Levi was very nervous when he realized we were at another Dr office. :/ Once the nurse started sawing the cast off, Levi started crying. But it didn’t take long thankfully. He was pointing at the door and asking to go “buh-bye” after that. The Dr said his knee and ankle would be sore for awhile and it might take him some time to walk properly again.

When I first set Levi down to let him try standing, he kept bending his leg like the cast had held it for 3 weeks. At first his walking was sideways and he was basically dragging his leg. I see a lot of improvement now but he is still walking on the inside of his foot with it turned outwards. Time….

I couldn’t believe that his calf muscle had shrunk in just 3 weeks! Noticeably. Goes to show how quickly we lose muscle when we can’t be as active. He also had a really bad blister on his heel from the splint that was trying to heal up in the cast. Within days of getting the cast off it just looks wayyyyy better.

So glad to have that ordeal over with. ­čÖé Tru is still convinced he got left out though. He told me that next time it’s his turn to get a cast. I hope there is no next time!