A few months after I fully healed from my section after having Tru, I never had any pain around the scar area. Aside from a bit of pulling etc while I was pregnant with Levi. But a few days ago my scar started aching on the inside. More on one side than the other but there is very mild pain all the way across. This morning I rolled over in bed and felt a massive burning pain, almost like something tore. It’s very sore inside and hurts even when I’m not moving and so much worse if I cause those muscles to do any work. Feels like I just had the surgery a week ago. I’m sure it’s probably just a pulled muscle or something but it really feels like the scar is coming apart inside. Is that a thing? Can that actually happen? Google yielded a bunch of stories from women who were still recently postpartum but my scar is almost 3 years old! I have my annual check up with my new Gyno in 2 weeks so I can ask him then but in the meantime, just wondered if this is something common that other moms have experienced and just don’t really talk about much. I know only a few c section moms IRL, oddly enough so I’m reaching out on here.