Truett and Levi are both going through a difficult little phase right now. Tru isn’t wanting to eat unless I feed him like a baby, which is ironic since he would refuse to eat once he hit around a year unless we let him feed himself. Even when I feed him he will still refuse to eat occasionally. The old adage that he will “eat when he is hungry enough” doesn’t seem to apply and I’m just not one who can put my kid to bed at night knowing that he hasn’t eaten enough. I worry his blood sugar could bottom out or something. I’m about 99% sure the refusing to eat and demanding to be fed like a baby is a power struggle and cry for more attention because he is jealous of Levi right now. That’s understandable considering that Levi is getting more attention due to his needs right now and also when we are in public everybody and their mother’s uncle wants to ask about his cast and how he hurt his leg… and now Levi is sporting stitches too on his chin. Couple that with the fact that people are often more drawn to the youngest baby in the room and yeah, I get it why Tru might be fishing for some attention right now. So I’m just trying to encourage Tru to take bites on his own and if he needs me to feed him, fine. It’s not that hard for me to sit there and talk to him and show him that he is special and I enjoy taking care of him. Tru is the kind of kid who runs up to me randomly throughout the day and gives me a hug or kiss and says “Wuv you, mommy.” Or will ask “Mommy wuv me?” He’s strong and independent mostly but he has this amazing little tender side that I am very mindful of.

Levi has never been great at falling asleep on his own. We did CIO with him and finally got him to the place where he would fall asleep without crying much if any. But this whole broken leg deal has got him all messed up. He hated the splint because it was so uncomfortable and he got in a habit of screaming when I would lay him down until I would go get him and soothe him to sleep in my bed and then lay him down. Which, while being a bit inconvenient, I was happy to do that because I knew he was hurting and uncomfortable and needed extra cuddles. No big deal. Until it got to the point where I am nursing him to sleep but when I go to lay him down in his bed, he jerks awake and screams and cries until I come back. Basically, he wants to be held all night. And just putting him in bed with us isn’t working because he can’t seem to get comfortable in our bed and knowing the boob is nearby, well…. So letting him CIO again has been hard. Maybe even harder now that he’s older because he is so aware of the fact that I am out there and can hear him but I am refusing to go in and get him. It makes his feelings hurt and I’m afraid he will have worse separation anxiety. Levi is ok with new people when Tru is around and when he can see that I am comfortable with them but even at the gym childcare he will occasionally cry for a minute. Even at my mom’s house Levi gets very excited to see me come back and grabs on to my neck hugging me and asks me to take him “buh bye” while pointing at the door and covering my mouth so I won’t talk and will just take him home. My worry with him is that making him CIO at his age is making him feel abandoned and angry with me. Clearly, I am a baby psychologist. 😉 NOT! I guess these are just those little things that pop up with toddlers and hopefully fade back into normal routine quickly. Levi is supposed to get his stitches out in 5 days and his cast off in 6 days. Hopefully he will be back to feeling like his happy normal self and Tru can go back to being his well adjusted big brother who knows that he is just as special and important to me and everyone else as Levi is. 🙂