We have a dial operated microwave, not a fancy button one. So if we need to micro something, say, 20 seconds, we have to stand there and count. I needed to soften some butter the other day. It usually takes 3-5 seconds for a half stick. I popped this stick of butter in there and started counting. As you can see, I lost my train of thought in less than 3 seconds. I can’t hold a thought for 3 seconds…. let that just sink in there….

I am loving the gym! At least I was until I got sick and couldn’t go today. 😦 I was super bummed. The workouts actually give me energy and it’s nice to feel the productive burn. I don’t love everything about it… the sweating… the fact that it’s very public and I’m more shy. But it’s definitely nice and Tru loved that I took him swimming there this week. 🙂

Yesterday was our 8th anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 years already. I like to tease DH that some years have been longer than others. 😉 He remarked yesterday that the first several years are all a blur now. It’s true. As with most things in life, the clichés about time flying by are spot on.

We spent the first part of the day at home tidying up and spending time with the kids. Then my sister came to watch the kids while we went out to eat and bowling. I didn’t do too badly overall considering I haven’t bowled in years! But the last game we didn’t get to finish since the timer ran out but I was finally finding my groove and bowled 3 spares in a row. DH did great the whole time, of course. 😉 After that we did a little shopping, mostly drooling over things we don’t need. 😉 When we came home, DH mowed the yard….. yep. I shouldn’t have been surprised. He literally went and put up hay for his neighbor a few hours after we got married. No lie. His neighbor didn’t know we had married that day (eloped) and I think he felt pretty bad about making DH leave me to go work. I’ll never forgive DH. Ha ha, just kidding. But I’ll admit, even an easy going girl like me was like “What…..?”  Maybe the fact that he proposed to me at Subway while we were both on the clock should have prepared me better. 😉 I love him so much though. I do. He’s so hot! ❤

We are planning to spend 1 night away alone here soon whenever I stop procrastinating and book it. I'm super duper nervous about leaving the kids. I've not spent a night away from Levi yet and really didn't like leaving Tru last year when we went away for the weekend. But we won't be far at all so I'll try to relax and enjoy our little trip. We want to go kayaking…. maybe. 😉

As I said, we are sick with colds. Levi got it first with a runny nose and later on a mild fever. Tru got a little stuffy but no runny nose and a really bad fever that kept us up until 5am last night as he went from no fever but extreme chills and teeth clattering that I could not relieve him from even while cradling him in my bed, to burning up just a bit later with a fever of 105.2°F. I stripped him down to a diaper and wiped his body with a cool cloth and gave him ibuprofen, since he had already taken Tylenol, and put a fan on him. Within a half hour it had started dropping and kept going down until he finally felt normal temperature again and he slept in my bed until almost noon. Poor DH had to go lead worship at church on 3 hours of sleep. I really just can't stand when my babies have a fever and are sick. Makes me so sad! Here's hoping we wake up tomorrow feeling well again!