Yesterday my sister and I went to join the gym that I have been talking about joining for the last month at least. I walked in with a serious case of “What am I doing???!” We got signed up and dropped the boys off at the FREE childcare (major reason why I picked this particular gym) and stuffed our things in a locker. Then we tried to use the elliptical but didn’t even know how to turn the thing on. Yikes! Newbies much? On my way to ask for help, I ran into some friends there who were just getting ready to do a circuit class and asked us if we wanted to try it out. We decided to go for it. I mean, half the people in the class were easily over the age of 55. Easy peasy. NOT!!! 10 minutes in I thought I was going to black out. After a water break, I didn’t feel much better. I’ll spare you the details but after an hour of gasping for air, sweating in copious amounts and trying to not throw up, I looked at my friend and she had nary a drop of sweat on her. I am seriously out of shape.

I woke up this morning almost too stiff to move. My legs are so sore and stiff, it is a major struggle to get into/out of a sitting position. So I’ve spent almost the whole day upright and cleaning. The house looks great. Me? Not so much. But I’ll say that getting that cardio exercise made me feel really good. I even spent time on the elliptical after that. I left when it said I’d burned 100 calories. I had to get the boys out of the childcare anyway since we had almost hit the 2-hour a day allowance. Looking forward to gaining more strength, and maybe more energy. I feel like I should at least get to the point where I can keep up with the senior citizens….